Mask Up With These Super Comfortable Face Masks From This Brand


    What Makes It Awesome

    2020 has been nothing short of a scary, prolonged apocalypse and it's here to continue for a while. It is also believed that the practice of social-distancing would remain extremely crucial even after the pandemic is over. So, it only makes sense that we invest in protective gears like face masks. And given that we'd be needing it more frequently now, why not buy ones which are reusable? 

    Anuthi is a clothing brand that focuses on women's apparel and has now come up with a beautiful collection of face masks. The masks are made of pure cotton and come with different prints and designs. Think polka dots, tie-dye, thick stripes and other ethnic block prints. We're glad that we can now little splash of colour to our otherwise routine outfits during a grocery run. We're talking off-white, maroon, shades of pink and more. These are three-layered masks where one is non-woven liner sandwiched between two layers of cotton. Folks at Anuthi manufacture these masks using quality fabric which they use in their other pieces of garments as well. These also relieve us of the trouble of buying masks regularly since they're washable and the filters inside can be replaced as well. How awesome is that? Anuthi's face masks are individually stitched by local artists and are steam ironed before packing - making it crisp and tidy for us to use. It's time to stock up!


    Psst- they're available to shop on LBB, order away!