Urvee posted on 3rd January

Love Apple Pie? Here Are 4 Deliciously Sweet Ways To Eat It

Apple pie makes my world go around, and if you feel the same way, you’re going to love this list of where to eat your favourite dessert in all its glory.

Apple Cobbler

Where: Hard Rock Cafe

Why: A big glass goblet {no fire, unfortunately} filled with layered apple pie, vanilla ice cream, walnuts and caramel sauce; it doesn’t get better than this. All you need is a spoon and five minutes of silence.

Apple Crumble

Where: Big Chill

Why: This is absolutely sinful. As with all desserts at Big Chill, it doesn’t take much more than one bite to fall in love with this gooey, sticky, crumbly pudding.

Apple Pie & Ice Cream

Where: Diggin

Why: The pie surpassed expectations — it’s just flaky, crispy and sweet enough — and the ice cream it comes with is perfectly good enough to eat on its own as well.

Pine Forest Apple Crumble With Butter & Ground Cinnamon

Where: Sakleys The Mountain Cafe

Why: It’s very, very fresh and the lattice crust is the right amount of crispy. Plus, because of the cinnamon, it’s sweet, but not too sweet — perfectly balanced.

PS: Can we observe two minutes of silence for Johnny Rocket’s Apple Pie milkshake that they discontinued?