Ten-Second Takeaway

One of the few American fast-food imports that actually does a pretty good job {we’re looking at you Burger King, Carl’s Jr & Wendy’s} go here when you’re starving, or you won’t do it justice.

Chow Down

Smoke House Double burger, Bacon Cheese Fries

Sip On

Any milkshake here

Winning For

Their old-school diner feel, and the songs the waiters sing every now and then

Fly Me To The Moon

Although we do like all the burgers here, we suggest you build your own — you can choose your own patty, toppings, add-ons {fried egg on a burger, anyone?} and sauces. We also ate the Philly Cheesesteak and were sorely underwhelmed; but the Bacon Cheese Fries more than made up for it. These are well-cooked fries generously topped with cheddar and chopped bacon—you won’t be able to stop shovelling these into your mouth.

First Things First

Absolutely do not forget to drink a milkshake. These are super filling and huge {they even give you the extra bit that doesn’t fit into the glass}.

We know some die-hard fans of the Strawberry Banana shake, and Oreo Shake but we suggest you take a long, lingering look at the shake menu and decide for yourself.

So, We’re Saying

Go here to indulge. Our suggestion: Skip dinner, eat here instead and then go watch a movie super comfortably. Remember, their portions are pretty big, so order accordingly!

Where: Find the location closest to you here

Price: INR 1,400 for two {approx.}

Timings: 11am – 11pm

Check out their website here and find them on Facebook here.

Featured image courtesy: Johnny Rockets India