Work From Home Made Easy: Apps That’ll Help You Become More Productive And Focused

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This morning, I brewed a cup of coffee and sat down to write my to-do list when I got distracted by the cows outside my window. Yes, I have an attention span of a goldfish.

So I researched and got hold of these apps on recommendations of friends, family and the good samaritans of the internet. I’m going to try them to be able to smash my deadlines on time and well in general make ‘work from home’ count.

Scroll down, download your favourites and get going! Let us know your experience via the comments?


Basically your one-stop-shop to plan and tick of those goals. Very simple and user-friendly interface that has a straightforward design. It not only lets you write down your tasks but also has various features such as: subsections for you to put your work into categories, quick add option for random thoughts, favourites section, a 'priorities' option to let the app know what task is more important, a collaboration tab for others to get access to particular lists that are group projects and just a whole lot more!

If you aren’t a fan of physical planners then this is a great app to have on your phone.

Brain FM

Now, we all have work playlists that keeps us motivated. If you don’t, then I suggest you get one in place ASAP or download this app. It already has a curated list of a plethora of music for you to access. And it’s not your regular FM tracks but tunes that are proven to increase productivity levels. You can choose from 3 categories: relax, sleep or work.


More often than not, we end up spending time on things that are useless, and things that require time are completed in haste. Through this app, you can track which of your tasks is taking up how many hours. You can set targets for yourself, analyze your strong points and even manage time in an efficient manner.

Plus, you can get your whole team on this and track their work. Get weekly reports on the dashboard. And you can time new projects as and when they come.


Has it happened to you that you come across an interesting read on social media, or a rather stupid yet fun quiz but don’t have the time to read it right away? Instead of losing it forever and then frantically searching for it later or wasting those precious moments diving deep into the internet, download Pocket.

Keep saving these articles, posts, pictures etc at one place to scroll through them later. You’ll get the option of ‘save to pocket’ once the app is on your phone, everywhere. How convenient, isn’t it?

Anti Social

The app that is the need of the hour!

While we’re being anti-social in real life, let’s disconnect from time consuming social media apps as well? This app will track which app you use the most and how much time you spend on it. It’s going to be scary but a much, much needed reality check.

You can also block certain websites/pages for a certain amount of time i.e. 15 minutes - 8 hours, so that you aren’t distracted by notifications or tempted to open them. This is extremely useful when you’re addicted to Instagram like I am!


I promised that this list will include every type of app there is to make you more productive. And this one can be super fun! It has inbuilt and specifically designed games that challenge your brain to become more focused.

Whenever you take a break or before going to sleep, play a game or two and notice how your cognitive skills improve.

Ink Flow

If you have the habit of doodling, then this is the app for you. Your random doodles can indeed be great ideas or beautiful artwork. This app lets you doodle like you always do, but turns it into a picture that you can access later.

Create folders, upload pictures and literally just think creatively. You actually feel like you’re writing on paper so this is technology done so, so right.


Essentially a VPN service that amplifies the speed of your internet, enabling you to work better and finish it much faster. Good internet is a necessity, now that most of us are working from our homes.

Speedify’s free version will ensure your buffer time is less, sites load quicker and you don’t blame the sucky wifi for not sending that email. The paid upgrade can give the same service to a whole family and has other added benefits.


The most important app, IMHO on this list. It’s the best meditation app that there is. From stretches to mindful sleep tricks to just quick breathing tips, it’ll help you relax and ‘calm’ down.

We have a long fight ahead and we all could do with a few deep breaths.