Aroma Therapy With Blossom Kochhar At Spalon & Tea Room In HKV

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What Makes It Awesome

What I personally love about this place is that it's a full power package that includes skill, learning, knowledge and good mood food.

I attended a session with Blossom Kochhar, and it was amazing to learn and find out how aromas play a major role in how you choose to emote and enjoy your life.
I even got a chance to make my own perfume using potent portions of fragrance mixed with a carrier oil.

The Tea Room, on the other hand, offers organic and healthy food. What I love about this place is that they garnish the food with edible flowers.

What's My Pro Tip?

The Tea Room is located right above the store of Blossom Kochhar in Haus Khas Village.The menu of this place keeps changing.

Make a reservation before you visit the tea room, it's an amazing place to spend time, eat good healthy food and disconnect from the noisy and busy city life - and read a book.

Anything Else?

Do get your hands on The Aroma Therapy book written by Blossom Kochhar, to understand aroma and how it can be used as a therapy. The book also includes recipes for making a variety of perfumes.

Also, the amazing book costs just INR 350!