Aromatherapy Junkies, This Shahpur Jat Gem Should Be Your Next Stop

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What Makes It Awesome?

That it's a one stop shop for anyone that loves aromatherapy oils, candles and more. They have a plethora of beautiful scents (and you can buy diffusers to go with them as well), as well as carrier oils that let you mix the essential oils with them for use on your body.

Their biggest sell, naturally, are their aromatherapy oils. You'll find that, apart from each one having it's own draw as a scent, they also has special properties that heal and refresh you (if you're looking for a soothing winter fragrance, Cinnamon leaf is warming and delicious).

Also, in case you want mix these oils and use them on your body, get their carrier oils and use them as a base. Not an oil person in general? Their candles are a nice way to enjoy their fragrances without you getting your hands greasy (and made with pure beeswax). You get the candles in mini versions, too—in case you don't feel like getting a full-size one.

What Could Be Better?

We wish they did more types of lovely, scented things (soaps, bath soaks, etc)

How Much Did It Cost?

₹250 upwards