Find Beautiful Photo Art, Mix Media Art & Handmade Paintings And Sketches At The Art Patio

What Makes It Awesome

The Art Patio is a gallery of photo art, mix media art and handmade paintings and sketches. The photo art is by Gunjan Gupta Sharma who is a freelance photographer doing fashion, product and portrait photography commercially and displaying her conceptual photo art.The handmade pencil sketches and paintings are made by Pallavi Modi Mittal. They provide varied kinds of art, ranging from traditional to contemporary and quirky.

What's My Pro Tip?

In photography, they have a lot of black and white & coloured pictures shot during travels.A lot of staged conceptual work combined with hand painted floral work.A mix of graphic work with photography. The idea is to create unique and innovative photo art. Also, the handmade pencil sketches range from traditional Benaras ghats and Old Delhi with beautiful hand painted canvases in vibrant colours.

Anything Else?

The price range for the art is between INR 3000 and INR 10000. Plus, they also customise the sizes and framing and can design full walls. Contact The Art Patio at 9810171100 for more information and check their Instagram handle here - { } to check out their works.