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Can't Live Without Chilli Chicken? These 11Restaurants Home-Deliver Fresh Asian Grub

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If we had to choose one particular cuisine to eat every single day for the rest of our lives, it would hands-down be Asian {sorry butter chicken}. And since we’re also the Netflix generation, we sometimes need our dose home-delivered in convenient boxes. Here are our go-to restaurants for when we need a noodle bowl, some dim sums and some good ol’ coconutty curry without moving an inch from the couch {faaaine, we’ll get up to carry the bags of food from the front door}.


A venture by Yum Yum Cha, Noshi does some seriously good dim sums – the type with the thinnest, most translucent of skins. They also impress us with their DIY meal bowls.

What To Order: Pork Rib Dim Sums, Crystal Duck Dim Sums, Sticky Rice Bowl

Pho King Awesome

Pho King Awesome goes beyond the regular Chinjabi {don’t cry, it’s a good thing, promise} with its mix of Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese. We love their meal combos, which let us choose our protein and base. Plus, they even do some healthy variants of popular dishes and they still taste pretty damn good.

What To Order: Tenderloin Pho King Dam Chat, Vegan Noodle Tofu & Mushroom, Banh Bao Pork

Tuk Tuk

New kid on the block, Tuk Tuk is still pretty unexplored by us. What we do like is their cutesy packaging, their portions and yes, their lemongrass-infused chicken.

What To Order: Soshito Chilli Chicken, Nutcracker, Asian Greens


Culinaire’s been around for what feels like ages and whereas their delivery time may sometimes not be the best, they do make up for it with their affordable, well-proportioned, perfectly-spiced food. With two outlets {one in GK II and one in Kailash Colony}, they’re constantly delivery to places far and wide.

What To Order: Stir Fried Chicken With Cashewnuts, Prawn In Chilli Oil, Rice With Minced Lamb

Karate Kitchen

Karate Kitchen started off in Mehrauli and has recently branched to South Delhi. We do love their dumplings but have found the rest of their food to be ever-so-slightly inconsistent. But… Edamame and truffle dumplings, guys!

What To Order: Edamame & Truffle Oil Dumpling, Thai Green Curry, Sliced Korean Spicy Pork

Asian Haus

One of the most classic Asian places in town, Asian Haus continues to impress us with their well-packaged food. Whereas you can’t really go wrong ordering anything from here, the Khao Suey accompanied by the choicest of toppings will always be our standard order.

What To Order: Khao Suey, Thai Curry

Asia Central

Apart from the usual Chinese fare {which they do SO well}, Asia Central also has some Vietnamese fare to offer. Don’t know where to start? Give the Rice Paper Rolls a try.

What To Order: Konjee Crispy Lamb, Spicy Mushrooms & Chives Dumpling, Thai Basil Chicken

Captain Chang

This is for late night meals. Open till 4am, Captain Chang delivers delish dishes to all you nocturnal creatures. Maggi isn’t the only answer!

What To Order: Seafood Dim Sums, Shredded Lamb with Crispy Noodles, Kung Pao Chicken

Ping's Orient Cafe

Ping’s started delivering only recently and whereas this entails missing out on their excellent cocktails, we’re kicked to be able to eat their food without getting out of pyjamas. Be experimental here, try some Japanese barbecue.

What To Order: Mango with Sticky Rice, Minced Chicken Salad, Chicken/Pork Yakitori