Got Kids At Home? These Fun Activities & Services Will Be Your Pacifiers

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During this period of Covid-19, a lot of us are either discovering and adopting new hobbies, while the other half is just dying to get out again. As for kids, their high energies and inquisitive minds need to be fed carefully. Here's a sorted list of the top five indoor activities and online services that'll beat boredom, and keep the kids entertained and engaged.

Subscribe To Healthy Meal Plans

Slurrp Farm

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For tiny tots, it's important to consume organic, healthy, and a puree-based diet (depending on their age). Lucky us, brands and service platforms like Happa, BebeBurp, and Slurrp Farm offer us puree blends of fruits and veggies (like apple + banana, sweet potato+spinanch, etc.), baby food, mixes, cookies, snacks - all made of 100% organic and natural ingredients.

Build A Reading Habit

Most of you must have grown up reading Nancy Drew, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, J. K. Rowling, and many more esteemed authors. In this age of Kindles, let's inculcate good reading habits in the youth (we all know how important it is). You can order online from most of these bookstores. And, if e-books are something that your kids prefer, then check out these awesome online libraries!

You can also check out the ilovereadin' library. They are available in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, and Noida, and have four subscription plans to offer. You can rent up to four books at a time, starting at just INR 699 for one month.

Revamp Their Rooms

Sometimes kids hate staying indoors because their rooms aren't kiddy enough. I think we can all agree upon the fact that some of us wanted those awesome bunk beds and cool study tables. Shop for bespoke furniture and furnishings for children (and adults) from Baby Select, Never Grow Up, Boingg!, and Little Birds Kids Furniture.

You will find everything to create your perfect baby room, to an awesome study room, with cool couches for their friends to crash at.

Give Them A Tech Detox

Desi Toys

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Although games and apps like 2048, crossword, and Quiz Up are amazing, spending too much time on the phone isn't the best thing to do. Kids these days are glued (not even an exaggeration) to their gizmos, but we're here to help! Give them a tech detox- introduce them to all the fun board games and indoor games that the 70s, 80s, and 90s babies played as kids. Shop for gili danda, gulel, saanp sidi, and more online from Desi Toys. You can also buy environment-friendly toys from these 5 awesome stores.

If you don't wish to order, you can stick to the awesome "backyard science" experiments like making a volcano, kaleidoscopes, or even grow their own little plants and herbs.

Get Artsy & Craftsy

Art is not just a fantastic form of self-expression, but it also helps one develop their fine motor skills. Although kids love drawing on walls, adults hate cleaning up and paying for fresh coat of paint every now and then. Experiment different methods of art like vegetable stamp painting (remember that bhindi artwork?), and try making your own paints with things in the kitchen (like beetroot, haldi, and coffee). You can even sign them up for some fun, online classes with Mein Bhi Kalakar.