Atmantan Resort: Relax, Revive, Repeat

Nupur posted on 26 July


When we need a break from city life, we’re heading to Atmantan Wellness Resort in the Sahyadris, which offers us wellness, peace, and a much-needed break.

Is It Really That Relaxing?

The resort has three packages to choose from. The first is Spa Life, which has a stay of a minimum of three days. This includes massages, body scrubs and body wraps. The itinerary includes customised massages and relaxation activities for an individual, as well as group activities like yoga sessions, meditation and dancing. Basically, we’ll be occupied the whole day, and this bliss can be extended for up to seven nights.

If stress has been bogging you down and you’re wondering why you’re not pumped up enough for day-to-day life, opt for the Master Cleanse Package. Think herbal teas, long massages, hot showers and facials, from anywhere between three to 14 days.

Shedding those extra kilos and then getting a massage? We’re in. The Weight Balance package involves weight-loss exercise sessions, along with some good ol’ relaxation. Sweat out those kilos, grab a juice and sit by the lake. We think we’ve found our dream gym, and this one can be extended for 28 days.

What Else?

The resort houses three restaurants—Té-jus, which is the juice bar {say hello to avocado smoothies and ginger lemon honey}, Chantara, the dining lounge, and Vistara, the main dining restaurant. All their ingredients are organic and sourced from the farms right on the property.

They have a pool, a hamam bath {walk like an Egyptian; bathe like a Persian} and lavish rooms. This eco-friendly property has solar panels and water conservation systems, too, and everything is homegrown. Additionally, all the packages include your meals throughout the day.

Give this a shot and never come back? We’re sold on the idea.

Where: Atmantan Wellness Centre, Mulshi Road, Pune

Price: A three-day retreat starts from INR 75,000 {excluding taxes}

Contact: 020 66766666

Visit their website here, and follow them on Facebook here.

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