Get Your Car Serviced From The Comfort Of Your Home With Automen

What Makes It Awesome

Automen is a car servicing company that brings this service to your doorstep. Just call them up, and they will come to you with a team of experienced mechanics.

Essentially, it is a servicing concept for the ultra-busy driver. If your car needs a clean up, a tune-up or just a check, but you don’t have the time to visit your preferred service station, just give Automen a call, book a PitStop, and they will be at your location with a full team of engineers and service staff.

Started by a group of friends who are passionate and understanding about cars and driving, Automen pride themselves on efficiency. The thought of not having to leave home to get our car serviced, or to argue over the exorbitant rates being charged at a service centre, leaves us giddy with excitement. They can refit your car with all oils, fluids, filters, and essential parts and even have computerised systems to help with mechanical car system errors.

If you’re looking for cleansing, you can get your car vacuumed, dry cleaned, and polished. They also provide steam washes, under body cleaning and waxing. If it is a check-up you are after, let the professionals at Automen run your car through a road test or bumper-to-bumper inspection.

Timings: 8 AM – 7 PM

Price: Book a PitStop to get a quote