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The Mutton Chops At This Stall In Ghanta Ghar Will Keep You Coming Back

    Kamla Nagar, Delhi


    Bablu Snacks at Ghanta Ghar is a small outdoor catering street food stall that has been successfully running for over 40 years and has maintained the same taste, look and feel giving the oldest patrons the nostalgic feeling reminiscent of their college days.

    Must Try

    You just have to try the fried mutton chops but remember to leave some place for the mutton tikka that is cooked in desi ghee. A never to forget gastronomic experience cooked in a spicy chutney that tastes best with roomali roti and some onions.

    Stood The Test Of Time

    The corner shop that has been running for over 40 years has never been through any major renovations. The ownership has been handled down through generations and yet, the essence remains the same.

      Kamla Nagar, Delhi