Try Dora Kebabs At Babu Bhai Kebab Wale In Jama Masjid

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Babu Bhai Kebab Wale {Mohd. Shakir} in Jama Masjid is great for Buff Dora kebabs. They’re extremely spicy and tender, and once you take a bite, the taste just takes over your taste buds.

Who Will Enjoy This Place The Most?

Hardcore meat lovers.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Situated at Bazar Chitli Kabar, near Masjid Sayed Rfai Wali, this is a tiny shop as small as a two-wheeler scooter, producing kilos of seekh kebabs each day.

This is right on the busy market street, so don’t expect any ambience. The food is worth it, though.

Must Try

Seekh kebab and tikka. The seekh kebab is accompanied by fresh onions, and his magical chaat masala chutney adds an extra layer of spice.

You can also try buff tikkas; another dish on the menu we’d highly recommend.

What Made Your Experience Awesome?

The way he ties the dori {cotton thread} on the minced meat chunks and puts them on a skewer; the art of watching him do so is a treat to watch in itself. He never stops. While you wait for the order, you can see him producing an endless amount of kebabs for the ever increasing queue behind; he manages to do it all by himself {cook, serve and take the payment}.

Late evening is the best time to go here; the market is closed so you can stand easily on the street and eat the kebabs and tikkas.

Anything Else?

The nearest metro station is Chawri Bazar, and the nearest paid parking is Jama Masjid Gate No.3.