We Chews You: These Online Websites Will Sort All Your Baby Food Needs

While the quarantine period of Covid-19 might make you cranky, don't let your baby feel the same. If you feel you haven't stocked enough already, then you can check these best online stores to order baby food. 

PS: Make sure you read the delivery details on their website to understand if there are any delivery delays. 

Baby's World

Besides an offline store that's located in Janakpuri, Baby's World also a fully stocked up online store where you can shop for baby food and supplements. From Cerelac to porridge, you'll find it all here and at discounted prices. So, go, shop!

First Cry

You might just love First Cry for the quality of clothes that the brand offers for kids but then, we feel you are going to love it even more for the variety it has to offer when it comes to baby food and supplements. You should definitely try their baby cereal and teething sticks and we are sure you'll be sorted.

Baby Chakra

Baby Chakra is another great website that'll help you find the best food products for babies. They have a number of brands under them and you'll be able to shop for healthy porridge mixes, pancakes mix, and much more.

Slurrp Farm

With food products made with no preservatives and no artificial flavours, Slurrp Farm has millet pancake, millet dosa, cereals, and so much more to offer for your baby. Their products are made with grains such as, ragi, jowar, foxtail millet along with some real fruits (yes, it's all healthy) so, order and you will certainly not regret buying. 

If you are unable to purchase from their website, then you can head to their Instagram page to get details about the online stores through which they retail.

Breakfast Essentials
  • Upwards: ₹ 90
  • Available Online


If you haven't much about this online store then let us tell you that this one is certainly a hidden gem. Offering organic baby ceraeals, brekkie mixes, and so much more,  you'll absolutely fall in love with their yummiest flavour combinations. So, don't wait and start shopping!