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Time To Go Back To Basics With This Brand's Organic Ghee And Other Milk Products


    What Makes It Awesome

    The perfect alternative to cooking oils and butter, Ghee is an indispensable part of Indian meals. With so many options available in the market today, I found it extremely challenging to zero in on a brand that is genuinely organic until I came across Back2Basics.

    Based out of a farm in Gurgaon, Back2Basics is a brand that produces unadulterated protein milk and pure Ghee. If you've been incorporating Ghee in your meals, you'd know that it's free of all milk solids and essentially aids digestion while providing enough vitamins to our system. That's precisely why I switched from processed oils to this superfood.

    The Ghee at Back2Basics is made using pure A2 milk of Gir cows at their farm. These folks follow the traditional methods churning the milk using wooden churners. Once the butter is separated, they then ferment it to remove milk solids and other contaminants. And what you're left with is a lactose-free aromatic Ghee. For increased shelf life, they also add Fenugreek seeds which help restore the flavour of Ghee.

    If you use Ghee on a regular basis, we'd suggest you get their 1-litre jar (INR 3,600) which would easily last you around a month. Alternatively, you can go for the 300ml (INR 1,250)or 500ml (INR 1,950) jars.