Ten-Second Takeaway

BoriBista in South Delhi is a great little hostel for tourists, travellers and backpackers looking for cheap, short-term accommodation.

The Accomodation

Nestled in South Extension, offering a range of activities and exuding a relaxed, homely vibe, BoriBista hostel is a good option for travelers and backpackers passing through the city.

There are two types of dorms you can crash in, the Mixed Dorms and the Women’s Only Dorm. There are four mixed dorm rooms with a total of 14 bunk beds {or 28 beds total} and one female only dorm with four bunk beds {or eight beds total}. If you’re looking for a little privacy, it’s going to cost you extra, but there are five private double occupancy rooms.

The Space


Image courtesy: BoriBista

The social element to BoriBista is what makes the stay interesting for us. When travellers down different roads happen to cross paths, stories are going to be exchanged. The hostel facilitates this by having relaxed, cosy social spaces. The rooftop and common room are great places to hang out, meet new people and swap stories.

What Can You Expect

The hostel is well located and if you’re looking to get around, there is easy access to public transport. Your stay comes with complimentary Wi-Fi and a breakfast. In the common room you can enjoy any of the books, board games and stray instruments lying around. There’s a 24-hour front desk, and they will even help you make travel arrangements if need be.

There are also lockers for everyone, a bathroom attached to every room and TVs in the private rooms.

What We Loved

There is a homely, comforting environment at BoriBista, one that leaves an impression on all who visit. The staff being really helpful and willing to help you when needed, and the chilled out décor help you feel safe and at ease. All in all the hostel is a good informal option for accommodation if you find yourself passing through the city with nowhere to stay, and a desire to meet some interesting, different people.

We’ve also heard the food is great, which is always a plus when staying in a new city.

Where: H54, South Extension Part 1, Near Bengal Sweets

Nearest Metro Station: Lajpat Nagar

Contact: 011 41730111, +91 999999999, or write to boribista@gmail.com

Price: INR 499 per night in dorms, INR 1,799 per night in private rooms.

Find out more here and follow them on Facebook here.

Featured image courtesy: BoriBista