Order 8 Types Of Chicken Wings Home From This Gurgaon Outlet

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Monty’s, located in Gurgaon, is a delivery-only place, and serves not just the original Buffalo style wings {well, their version of it} but a surprisingly vast variety of flavours.

Wing It

If like us, you too are a fan of the perfect chicken wing, one that’s packed with flavour, we may just have found the place for you. The menu includes Barbeque Chili, Bacon and Cheese, Tibetan Dry Rub, and a lethally spicy one using bhut jolokia chili {they ask you to sign a disclaimer if you decide on this one, we hope for your sake that they’re joking!}.

Spice Spice Baby

To make things slightly simpler for you, they’ve rated the spice level of each dish on a scale of one to five. You can experience a plethora of flavours, from sweet to tangy, to downright fiery. An order of wings gets you four drumsticks and four wings, along with a macaroni salad, and one dipping sauce of your choice. Choose from blue cheese, ranch, spicy Sriracha, spicy barbeque, and honey mustard. Extra sauce comes at INR 20. The best part about Monty’s wings? They’re not fried, as wings usually are, but baked, thereby allowing us some guilt-free indulgence.

So, We're Saying...

Currently, they deliver only in Gurgaon, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping the wings fly to other parts of town soon. Meanwhile, we wish all you G-towners bon appetit.