Get Baking Ready With 8 Ingredients You’ll Need For Every Dessert Ever

    Baking can be overwhelming but when done right, it can also be super therapeutic (and yummy!) To make things easier for you, we’ve listed out the basic ingredients you’ll need in your pantry to whip up the best desserts, from cookies to brownies and beyond, all shoppable online so you don’t even need to step out!

    Flour from Bakewala

    All-Purpose Flour

    Flour, aka maida, is the first thing you need. It’s used to make literally everything from cakes to cookies to (when you’re more experienced) bread. Once you’ve got all-purpose flour down, you can expand your bakes into trying out gluten-free or whole wheat flour. 

    Price: INR 47 for 500g

    PS- Bakewala is an awesome website to bookmark once you start trying out slightly tougher recipes.

    Unsalted Butter from Amazon

    Amul Unsalted Butter

    Without getting too technical, almost all recipes call for unsalted butter for the dough or for the frosting on top and to grease the pans so your dessert doesn’t stick to the bottom. We recommend the Amul Unsalted Butter but local dairy stores that make theirs fresh also work. 

    Price: INR 49 for 100g

    PS- Amazon is a great place for moulds and cookie cutters in tons of shapes. 

    Eggs from BigBasket

    Fresho Farm 12 Eggs

    Eggs essentially help bind the other ingredients together so unless you specifically go out looking for an eggless or vegan recipe, chances are the recipe will need an egg or few. Doesn’t matter if you use white eggs or brown, just make sure they’re room temperature when you’re ready to bake. 

    Price: INR 72 for a dozen

    PS- a lot of recipes let you substitute the egg for a flax egg which is a vegan alternative that’s ready in minutes if you don’t eat eggs. 

    Baking Powder & Baking Soda from CCDS

    Baking Powder

    Baking Powder

    ₹ 199

    You’ll need these two to give your desserts the airy, fluffy texture so they don’t end up thick and flat (boo!) Remember, baking soda and baking powder are not interchangeable so you’ll need to get both.

    Price: INR 199 for 125g

    Buy baking soda here.

    Sugar from Salz & Aroma

    Sugar Candy/ Mishri Dana - 500gm

    Sugar Candy/ Mishri Dana - 500gm

    ₹ 320

    What’s a dessert without sugar? Obviously, a poser. While you could get a bunch of different types of sugar for your bakeventures, the best option is granulated sugar that can be blended at home to make caster or icing sugar. 

    Price: INR 320 for 500g

    Cocoa Powder from Choko La

    Vegan Cocoa Powder

    Vegan Cocoa Powder

    ₹ 330

    You can’t be a chocolate lover and not make any chocolate desserts; that would just be wrong. To make sinfully delicious cakes, brownies, cookies and more, you’ll need good quality cocoa powder and this one is also vegan!

    Price: INR 330 for 180g

    Vanilla Essence from Urban Platter

    Vanilla Flavour Drops

    Vanilla helps elevate the flavour of your baked goods and also helps conceal the eggy scent it could have. To start, you should get the essence drops before deciding to move on the pricier vanilla pods which feel fancy but you could do without.

    Price: INR 228 for 50ml

    Rainbow Sprinkles, Food Colouring & Chocolate Chips from CCDS

    Small-Sized Multicoloured Cake Decoration Balls

    Small-Sized Multicoloured Cake Decoration Balls

    ₹ 199

    For the final touch, if you’re feeling like doing (and being) a little extra, you can top your dessert with rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, shiny decorative pearls or mix in some food colouring with your frosting to make it bright and colourful!

    Price: INR 199 onwards

    Buy food gel colours here.


    If you’re still a little intimidated, you can start your baking journey with these premixes to make healthy brownies, banana bread, cookies, cakes and more.