Get The Best Of Luxury & Old World Charm At This Heritage Hotel

Bal Samand Lake Palace

What Makes It Awesome

Bal Samand Lake, situated only five kilometres away from Jodhpur city in Rajasthan, is one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots the city has to offer. The 15 kilometre wide, man-made reservoir is especially a treat for bird watching enthusiasts as the gardens around the lake are frequented by a variety of bird species.

While the general public is free to lounge in the areas overlooking the lake, access to the gardens and the banks of the lake is only open to the guests of the Bal Samand Lake Palace, a heritage hotel built in the vicinity of the lake.

The Bal Samand Lake Palace is a heritage property, merely 5 kilometers away from the city centre and main markets of Jodhpur. Although, a bit secluded, the property has many experiences to offer and is at a convenient distance from the main city (perfect for those who would like to go shopping). The guests of the hotel are welcome to lounge around the lake and walk through the gardens anytime they may please. The hotel is famous for its excellent service, scenic beauty, and (goes without saying, but) their lavish buffet spreads.

We think that if you want to be in the laps of both nature and luxury, Bal Samand Lake Palace is just the destination for you. They offer three types of accommodation: Garden Rooms, Regal Suites, and a Maharani Suite. Tariffs for the Garden Room and Regal Suites start at INR 6,100 and INR 15,000 respectively while tariffs for the Maharani Suite are available on request.

What Could Be Better

Since the Bal Samand Lake is a reservoir that was built to help with the water supply in the area, it's secluded and protected with lush gardens that surround it. Which is why, there is only one room in (i.e. The Maharani Suite) that overlooks the lake. If you're hoping for a lake view from your room, you might want to check the availability of the suite.


Bal Samand Lake Palace is almost always booked to capacity, so plan your getaway a little early.

Bal Samand Lake Palace