Ferrero Rocher Paan & Bottomless Chuskis? Visit Banaaras at Ambience Mall

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A small kiosk tucked away in Ambience Mall’s food court, Banaaras is blowing our minds with its 31 varieties of paan {including a Nutella one}, bottomless chuskis, jars of churan and bottles of banta, and other lemony delights.

Chow Down

Nutella Paan, Ferrero Rocher Paan

Sip On

Paan Lemonade

Winning For

Coming up with so many different ways of making the classic paan and making the usual spit-on-the-wall habit a classy affair.


A glimpse at the menu may have you in a state of dilemma. Choosing from 31 varieties of paan is no easy task, especially when the average person can’t consume more than two {we tried five!}.

They’ve got everything from the regular meetha, saada and Banaras Special to several fruit-based paans {mango, blueberry and kiwi seem to be the highlights}, chocolate paans {milk, white, dark} to paans using popular chocolate bars {After Eight, Snickers, Bounty etc} and “Global Paans” which include flavours like tiramisu and crème brûlée. 

Most of these are made using tailor-made syrups {they even have a bubblegum flavoured one}.

Our personal favourites include the Nutella {obviously} which just fills your mouth with its chocolatey goodness and the Ferrero Rocher which adds an interesting taste, as well as texture, to the betel concoction. The After Eight, too, impressed us. The Snickers one however, can be skipped, in our opinion.

Ice Ice Baby

If you’re going here with the intention of eating all the paan ever, ordering a chuski on the side may be a good idea. The peeps at Banaaras tell us it works as a good palate cleanser. The kala khatta one was absolutely delish, and we’re loving the quantity- apparently it’s good enough for three baraf golas. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try their other flavours like rose, orange, Rangoli and Banaarasi paan.

If you’re feeling thirsty, don’t look beyond the Paan Lemonade or the Banta {if you’ve had too much paan}.

Carry Me Home

Banaaras also keeps bottles of digestives and churans which you can take home. Of these, we really liked the khatta aam paapad and the anaardana. Also, the guys here assure us that their hing goli is one of the strongest. Are you up for it?