For Your Next Weekend Getaway, Head To Bandhavgarh

Lemon Tree Wildlife Resort Bandhavgarh


We made our way to Bandhavgarh, took a breathtaking safari, saw deer, elephant and tigers, and fell in love with the gorgeous Lemon Tree Wildlife Resort. You should do the same.

When Life Gives You Lemons

The Lemon Tree Wildlife Resort is a new-ish property, and we loved it. The cottage rooms are huge and comfy, the bathrooms are equally big, and there’s a gorgeous outdoor shower as well.

Equally gorgeous: The patio outside each little cottage, perfect for curling up with a book and chai.

Safari Shambu

There are two safaris you can take, one in the morning or evening. We chose the morning one, fortunately ‘cos we saw a tigress — not 20 feet away from us — a whole lot of spotted deer, elephants, langur and more.

The sanctuary itself is almost surreally beautiful. Be warned though, it will be very very cold, so go prepared. The folks at the hotel were kind enough to give us additional blankets, and boy, were we glad.

#LBBTip: The safari needs to be booked in advance; do ask the hotel for help.

Khaana Peena

When at Lemon Tree, definitely go for the chicken curry, the pakoras, aloo parathas, and dal. We have to, have to mention here that the service is beyond excellent, and the people are super-nice, willing to help with anything you may need.

Getting There: Take a flight to Jabalpur, and from there it’s a beautiful, three-hour drive. Alternately, take a train from Delhi to Umariya {overnight}, which is about half an hour away from the resort.

Lemon Tree Wildlife Resort Bandhavgarh