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Planning A House Party This New Year's Eve? 5 Bands That Will Come To Your Home & Perform Live

Shinam posted on 30 November

With colourful twinkling lights and festive season surrounding us, we thought we will bring you a list of artists that you must check out to make your party scenes lit. Music always sets the party mood and there is no denying to that. Catch ‘em before they are booked off and get ready to have the best time with your friends and family. 


SWARISM is a New Delhi based four-piece band that started playing last year. They have explored their way through various genres like Indie Rock, Pop, Bollywood Rock and Fusion to name a few. In such less time, they have slayed gigs across platforms ranging from lounges & bars to food festivals. Their performance at The World Street Food got people dancing while nibbling the yummy food. Check out their performances across platforms on Facebook and Instagram

Dhruv Sharma And Aditya Sharma

Dhruv Sharma is an independent Delhi based artist who has dedicatedly studied and performed music for a large part of his life across genres. With a forte in Acoustic and Hindi & English pop music, he has played at over 350+ local and international events across cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Sikkim, Chennai, Mumbai to Maldives. Accompanied by Aditya Sharma, a percussionist, the duo completely transformed the crowd’s mood at The World Street Food Fest with their stunning sundowner performance. Don’t forget to check out their work Facebook and Instagram


Dhruv Sharma & Aditya Sharma

Life Tatva

Life Tatva  is a four piece band with its forte as indie, bollywood and sufi music. Based in Delhi, they have performed at various clubs, concerts and festivals. Devansh’s (lead vocalist) throw of voice at The World Street Food Fest was so powerful that people joined the fiesta in no time from the farthest corners of the mall. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram and book yourself an experience to remember.

Crooner’s Collective

Crooner's Collective is a Delhi based four piece band comprising of seasoned musicians. The band's music will transport you back in the time of good old days of crooning, big band orchestras and pensive music. Their spirited performance with jazz music left us yodeling at the World Street Food Fest and we can’t lie. Check ‘em out on Facebook and Instagram to get an update on their upcoming gigs.


Crooner's Collective

Bharat Sukhija

Bharat Sukhija is a DJ, Turntablist, remixer, sound designer, maschine finger drummer and percussionist all packaged in one brand (and person) called ‘Xhaero’. Bharat plays Lo-Fi House, Soulful House, Deep House, Techno (acid) (minimal), Gangster rap, Grime, Trap and UK Garage to name a few. Make this New Year’s Eve party the one to remember and reach out to him through his Facebook and Instagram page before it’s too late.