Udaipur's Banjara Hostel Offers Gorgeous Lake Views, A Rooftop Restaurant & More


    Planning a chill vacay with your gang but are on a tight budget? The Banjara Hostel in Udaipur has tastefully decorated rooms, a beautiful rooftop restaurant with a lake view and costs only INR 705 per night!

    A Broke Traveller's Delight

    The good peeps at Udaipur’s Banjara Hostel understand that being broke doesn’t mean that one can’t enjoy a comfortable stay and experience the best of any city. Hence, they’re offering the affordable accommodation of our dreams with comfy rooms and a stunning view of the Pichola Lake.

    This hostel has graffiti walled AC dorms that are clean, have 24×7 hot water supply, free Wi-Fi, sufficient storage space and accommodates 16+. However, what impresses us most is Banjara’s rooftop restaurant {supposedly, the highest in the area} that looks nothing short of a restaurant in a luxe boutique hotel. We can already picture how delightful a meal in this white walled open space, beautifully decorated with sheer curtains, colourful cushions and flower pots would be.

    There are also 2 common spaces in the hostel where you can interact with fellow travellers, share stories and tips or just curl up with a good book and big burger. And in case you can’t stay away from your pets, you can get them too because Banjara is a pet-friendly hostel.

    Explore, Eat, Chill & Repeat

    We hear that the Banjara’s host is very hospitable and would be more than happy to help you out with your itinerary and also ensure that you have a comfortable stay.

    When you finally manage to move out of the hostel’s rooftop area, you can admire the picturesque city of lakes on foot and since, the hostel is centrally located, travelling around shouldn’t be a hassle.

    When in Udaipur, you can visit the Gangaur Ghat, the opulent City Palace {which is just a few minutes from the hostel}, enjoy the best of continental cuisine at Savage Garden, attend the Darohar at Bagore Ki Haveli and don’t forget to feast on Rajasthan’s famous Dal Baati Churma.

    If you’re a solo traveller, are travelling with friends or even with your SO, Udaipur has a lot to offer for everyone.

    So, We're Saying...

    Udaipur is a city that looks magnificent during monsoons and considering the city’s proximity to Delhi and how beautiful the Banjara Hostel is, we suggest that you make a plan with your friends ASAP.