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Binge Is Serving A Delicious Banoffee Pie With A Heavenly Crust

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What Makes It Awesome

This is one bakery you can get a ready-to-eat gourmet cake at 10pm! But it's the desserts that serve you well because sometimes 10pm is just the right time for a piece of pie and their banoffee doesn't have a cookie crumb base, it's a pie crust!! Yum!

What Could Be Better?

Considering the massive selection of desserts, a few fresh seasonal fruit tarts and pies would be great.

What's My Pro Tip

If you need a celebration cake on the go then this is the place for it, they even have eggless ones.

Anything Else

Stop by for a savoury treat if you're passing by and pick up focaccia while you're at it. Paired with wine, olives and cheese it's the perfect summer meal!