Tried & Tested: Delhi Women Tell Us Their Go-To Bars In West Delhi

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We’ve all come across our fair share of less-than-impressive bars which don’t make you feel welcome, safe, or comfortable. We asked our users where they like hanging out in West Delhi—places that make them feel comfy and secure while they have an amazing time. These are the ones that made the cut…

Tippling Street

Neha Joshi, Asst. Manager, Data Quality at LBB, went to Tippling Street with some friends and tells us that the food here is absolutely amazing. The place is always happening and has a good crowd. The decor, with street lamps and brick walls, adds a fun touch to the whole experience. The drinks? Just as amazing as the music they play.

Duty Free

Anukriti Malik, a Post-Grad Student, told us she loves Duty Free for their affordable alcohol, and we definitely agree with her—you get booze bottles at duty free prices there and different chakhna with every drink; what’s not to love? They’ve got a friendly staff, she adds, who will even take care of you in a very safe manner should manage to go a little overboard with the vodka.

The Backyard

Anupreet Kaur, Events Associate at LBB, recommends this place and says you ought to go here for a great time with the gang. They’ve got some seriously amazing food {especially the pizza} and the drinks are on-point. It’s a relatively small space, so we recommend you go here if you’re looking to sit down and talk with the BFF instead of partying it up.

Ikka—The Ace Bar

Diksha Khosla, an architect & interior designer, tells us that Ikka—The Ace Bar has amazing ambience, great food and the music there will have you moving and grooving in no time—we say you get some drinks in you first, though. Talking about drinks, she recommends the LIIT there. Above all, the place is reasonable enough to keep it light on the wallet.