Fancy Ceramic Dinner Sets & Cutlery? Drop By These Stores At The Bartan Market

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The Wazirpur dinnerware and cookware market is a prominent shopping destination in North Delhi. You can find anything from super elegant ceramic dinnerware with golden rims to rose gold polished steal dinner sets here. But, since it is an industrial area we recommend you go here earlier in the day, rather than in the evening (may get a little unsafe). 

To know more about it, read on...

Sethi Stainless Steel

This is your basic steal, glass, and melamine crockery shop. Even though they do have nice melamine and ceramic dinner sets, we recommend you go here for their pretty mugs, glasses, and tea sets.

Price: INR 950 and above

Global Kitchen's

Global Kitchen is quite a big showroom and they've nicely sectioned their cookware, dinnerware, and cutlery to make it all very presentable and convenient for the customers. You can find elaborate ceramics and dinnerware here; imagine pretty gold and Prussian blue rims around plates and bowls. Not only this, but Global Kitchen has nice golden, and bronze/rose gold cutlery as well. We totally recommend this shop for its ceramic dinnerware, and cutlery!

Price: INR 1,600 and above

R.N Crockery

This shop has a nice set of lunch boxes and glass crockery. Think along the lines of clear glass bowls, drinking glasses, and jars. We suggest you go here to buy their plain white crockery (dinner sets) or glass tableware (jars and bowls).

Price: INR 900 and above

Aggarwal Bartan Bhandar

Aggarwal Bartan Bhandar is your basic steel and metal tableware shop. You can get a lot of steal dinner sets here. Apart from that, they also have a lot of cookware; pots and pans of different depths and capacities. 

Price: INR 500 and above

Steel India Sales & Services

Another shop that retails steel utensils and dinnerware. They also have good, basic ceramics (rather than fancy ones). 

Price: INR 800 and above

Kitchen Gallery

Kitchen Gallery is one of the best shops in the market. Why? Well, because they've got everything from huge glass decanters with taps, marble textured melamine plates, and pretty metal tins to tea sets and cups that are ideal for every occasion. 

Price: INR 900 and above

Chawla Brothers

We recommend going to Chawla Brothers for their cookware. They've got a lot of cooking pans and gas stoves to choose from. Apart from this, they have basic cutlery, oil dispensers, metal bottles, and steel tiffins. 

Price: 1,500 and above

Ashoka Steel Center

We'll recommend Ashoka Steel Center to people looking for basic steel dinner sets, lunch boxes, bottles, and cutlery. We saw very little ceramics at their shop, so we highly recommend going here for the metal and steel bartan.

Price: INR 500 above

Singhla Steel

Singhla Steel is recommended for their steel dinnerware, and basic cooking utensils and containers. They've got a decent collection of pots, pans, cooking/stirring spoons as well. 

Price: INR 450 above