Love Reading? Try This App That Lets You Buy Or Exchange Books With People In Your City

    Nitya posted on 20 October


    Have stacks of books taking up too much space in the house and don’t know what to do with them? Check out Barterli – an online community that lets you exchange books, brings them back into circulation and also fosters a community of readers.

    The Barter System

    If you’re someone who believes that books are not meant to be hoarded but shared, you’ll love Barterli – an app that connects bibliophiles in the neighbourhood and helps them exchange books at discounted rates and sometimes, even for free {in exchange for a book}.

    Here’s how it works. Log on to the Barterli app through Facebook, scan the barcode of the book you want to barter and all the details like summary, book cover, publishing date etc. will be be uploaded automatically or you can even upload pictures and the summary manually. Once that’s done, your book would be visible to users in the same area for trading. In case you don’t want to get your book listed, you can just browse through the many that are up for grabs. Users can then send messages to book owners, organise meet-ups and barter {or buy books if you don’t have anything to give in return}.

    Baterli not only helps you find books at heavily discounted prices but even lets you meet people with similar literary tastes. You can find books across different genres like engineering and commerce to autobiographies, crime & thriller and even rare books.

    So, We're Saying..

    Most people read a book only once, and while we all have favourite copies we want to treasure forever, there are some books that are just lying around the house gathering dust. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make money off of it or maybe, get something new to read by exchanging them? Affirmative? Try Barterli.

    The app’s available on Google Play, App Store and they also have a website.

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