Baweja Farms - Manesar

A Pool, Game Room & More: This Farmhouse Checks All The Boxes For A Fun Weekend Getaway Spot


Baweja Farms in Manesar is a farmhouse with a pool, gazebo, brick-walled rooms & courtyard, and massive lawns. Thinking of a weekend getaway? Make this your destination.

*Hurriedly Packs Bags*

We booked this farmhouse for a Saturday night and let’s just start by saying it was a weekend well spent. Baweja Farms, located in Manesar—half an hour away from Gurgaon, is one chill spot when it comes to unwinding and relaxing.

We entered the property to ample parking space for 4–5 cars, a huge lawn and perfectly trimmed hedges leading the way to the house. The massive pool and the gazebo on the side is the first thing that catches your attention {who are we kidding, that’s the reason you’re there}. Safe to say, we went from zero to cannonball pretty quick—the pool is five feet deep all over, so do ensure you’re not making any sort of daredevil jumps.

The house itself has four rooms, all brick-walled, fitted with modern furnishings. There’s a fully functional kitchen, a big courtyard, a fully functional kitchen, a games room with a TT table, volleyballs, footballs, and floaties for the pool—all of this surrounded by lush greens and chirpy birds. Oh, what a delight.

There are a couple of caretakers that’ll cook food, get supplies or groceries for the market, and help you with anything else you need.

So, We’re Saying…

Whether you just need a break from everyday life, grab a cold one by the pool, or celebrate an occasion, Baweja Farms is the perfect getaway. It’s not even that far!


Baweja Farms - Manesar