Planning A Beach Vacay? Here's Exactly What You Should Pack

While you dream of taking long walks on the sand, enjoying the ocean and sunset views and chilling at parties, we've got you a list of handy and chic items that belong in your beach vacay suitcase. 

Happy Vacay-ing! 

Weekend Fringe Tassel Detail Tote

Pack in your swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and all other beach essentials in this cute tote. It's got ample space, a resilient canvas make, and is pretty easy on the eyes, don't you think?  Just in case you need another option, check this one out

Beach Shell Necklace

We're yet to find another accessory that's as beach-apt as this one. All the seashells in it are real, and it goes with whatever you wear - from a flowy dress to a cute bikini. 

Floral Front Tie-Up Crop Top

We find the daisy print on this crop top absolutely adorable. Pair it with a wrap-on or denim shorts and you’re ready for a casual date by the beach. 

Beaded Beach Slides

A handy pair of sliders is all you need to stay comfy on the beach. They’re easy to remove (for when you want to go bare-feet on the sand) and look super cute with any beach outfit you wear. 

Blue Braid Charm Bracelet

Accessorise right, and you’ve nailed your beach look. We’d say, get this cool-looking, layered bracelet and you’ll look uber stylish effortlessly. 

Cut-Out Sequined Dress

You’ve got to arm yourself with the hottest apparel for all those kickass beach parties. We’d say, this cutout dress is just what you need.

Grey Ikat Sleeveless Maxi Dress

A beautiful addition to your beach wardrobe, this dress is flowy and so comfortable. You can even wear it over your bikini. 

Beach Hair, Don't Care Tote

Ladies, beach is where you let your hair loose and this bag conveys that perfectly. It’s light-weight, and has enough space for all your essentials.