Head To BED For A Green Tea Sangria & Crispy Calamari Date

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Opulent and energetic BED in GK I promises days and night full of indulgences and fine food and drink.

Delicious Drinks

What makes BED the perfect place for a lazy weekend lunch is a bold drinks menu. Hands down the most intriguing offer on the table is the Chicken Soup Hot Toddy, which has gin and lemon swimming happily in the comforting chicken stock broth {who would have thought!} and is surprisingly excellent. We also loved their version of the Popcorn Sour, clean, frothy and with the deliciousness of caramel lingering on the tongue with every sip.

For less adventurous souls, BED also offers classic boozy afternoon fare- the Green Tea Sangria comes with a whiff of lemongrass, and the Aperol Spritz is vaguely reminiscent of the mimosa- equal parts of spirit and fruit.  

Nibbles From Near And Far

Both the sushi and the dim sums here are excellent and on point, with a crunchy Asparagus Tempura Roll and a very juicy Bok Choy and Tofu Dim Sum emerging as our clear favourites.

Also, my search for the perfect calamari find fruition here- the Crispy Calamari served with a zesty Sriracha Tartar is addictively good, and a portion size big enough to feed a sea-starved soul.

For heartier grub, our vote would be for the Asian Market Bowls. Hot and comforting, with a mix and match of your choice of veggies, rice and protein, these are perfect to share when you just want some extra carbs to call it a day.


In case you drop by on a day when the rain gods are kind, choose a lovely green terrace garden style seating on the third floor that is a great spot for some al fresco fun.