A Bit Of Berlin In Noida: This Is Hands Down The Prettiest Cafe We've Seen In A While



    Noida and hipster cafes, in our mind, were two parallel lines – the dreaded law of mathematics tells us they’ll never meet. Up until we spent a morning at The Haven, a coffee house that looked every bit like it belonged in Berlin. And now, we’re going here every Saturday to enjoy its selection of jazz music, sparse decor and perfect coffee blends, of course.

    Meet The Brew Crew

    The Haven is run by a perfectly melodious group of four – a young mother from Nashville {USA}, a coffee lover-cum-full-time Haven founder from Brazil and a Chennai-based couple who’ve cracked the recipe for the freshest homemade sauces. Like us, they felt like they needed a sweet sanctuary where they could grab their cup of feel-good java in the morning or catch-up with Noida friends over muffins without having to run to the mall. So, they decided to put their collective energies towards creating one themselves.

    Three weeks later, they are sourcing the freshest ingredients from around town and brewing coffee with both national and international blends {everything from filter coffee to pour-over Brazilian or Ethiopian}. We tried the Hazelnut Iced Latte, macchiato, a paneer pesto sandwich and banana walnut muffin. We could have that iced coffee every day and feel like everything’s right with the world. The sandwich has the greatest pesto sauce and the fluffiest bread we’ve had in a long time. The muffin and macchiato were also worth the long trek we made to this coffee shop. In all, we’re going here… Over and over again.

    Teas Of Joy

    Haven, for some few minutes makes you forget that there is a dusty world of tall-rise buildings just outside that door. Its coffee in cute wooden cups and chill vibe is a wonderful reminder that sometimes, parallel lines can meet in a parallel universe. 

    When you’re done coffee-ing, check out the small shelf selling mugs, coasters and coin purses that’ll let you take a bit of Haven with you. As we speak, we’re also flooding our Noida friends with messages. And yes, they’ve got chai too {iced, hot and a certain Hibiscus Rose}, in case that’s what’s stopping your tea-loving friends from making a trip.

    PS: Their coffee starts at INR 50. Not kidding. The sandwiches and salads aren’t the most economical though. Maybe, this is called balance.

    So, We're Saying...

    One of these days {they’re shut on Sundays} drop by with your favourite book or forever person. They’ve got you sorted for Lavender Vanilla Latte and Wi-Fi needs too, in case you’re hoping to get down to writing that blog, finally.