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5 Fitness Apps You Need To Download To Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey

 Here are top 5 apps that’ll help you lose weight and push you on your way to that dream bod.

7 Minute Workout

What’s a more achievable goal than working out for just 7 minutes a day? That’s just 0.4% of your whole day. The 7 Minute Workout will guide you through different exercises you can do anywhere, anytime. They’ve got a full body plan, an abs plan, sleepy time stretches plan and more. These small exercises bundled together over a period of time will have you shredding that fat in no time.

Best feature: Workout everyday in just 7 minutes.

Download for iOS here and Android here.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Once you’ve got the hang of working out on a regular basis, this app comes as a nice little challenge. The idea is simple: choose your preferred workout, choose the intensity of workout {easy, medium, hard}, go. The app will keep giving you new exercises everyday to complete for 30 days straight. There’s absolutely no way you’re not going to be impressed with your results {given you stick with it}. Up for the challenge?

Best feature: Undertake a challenge to push your limits.

Download for iOS here and Android here.

Freeletics Bodyweight

No dumbbells, rods, or machines—Freeletics will guide through exercise plans where you don’t need any of that, just your bodyweight. The best part? Even if you’re a beginner, the app has instruction videos for all the workouts so you know you’re doing it right. You can choose to gain strength {Popeye arms?}, build endurance or go for the standard version.

Best feature: Lists best workouts that don’t require any equipment.

Download for iOS here and Android here.


Okay, maybe you’re not big on the push ups or you feel like you’re dying when you do your 3rd pull-up. One thing you can always do? Run. There’s absolutely no practise or equipment required—just plug in those earphones and race away. This is where Runtastic comes in. It’ll track all your runs—the distance, calories burned, pace, the whole thing. It’ll even tell you how much dehydration you underwent. You can set montly or yearly running goals as well, so you reach your desired bodyweight accordingly.

Best feature: Track your runs and set monthly/yearly running goals.

Download for iOS here and Android here.


All the running and lifting won’t do much if you haven’t got your diet sorted. HealthifyMe lets you keep a track of what you eat and drink throughout the day. You can log in your current weight and you weight goal, and the app will tell you how much calorie intake you need and how much water you need to drink. You can then input whatever you eat throughout the day {they’ve got all Indian food names} and the app will keep telling you how close you are to your goal. Great way to keep that fire going.

Best feature: Track all your calorie intake; Has all Indian food names and details.

Download for iOS here and Android here.