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“Show me the way to the next whisky bar.”

Nothing sustains human communities better, or stronger, than the presence of a watering hole. You only have to pick up sequences from famous sitcoms, movies and books to know how a bar/pub is crucial to creating and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Celebrations, after-work catch ups, girls’ night outs, solitary pensiveness, karaoke nights, dates, break ups, brawls, you name it – a bar will see everything in the course of its lifetime.

A city, I once read somewhere, is defined largely by its drinking culture. While most would jump to suggest that Delhi has cemented its reputation as being the obnoxious, unruly, pompous city that has no mature drinking culture to boast of, I would like to disagree – a city’s bar culture should be judged on the basis of the plethora of options it provides to every kind of drinker, and Delhi actually scores fairly high on that scale.

Whether you claim to have drunk at every spot in the city, or are new to Delhi and would like to know where to grab a quick drink, or could do with options beyond your existing patronage – LBBD brings you the definitive list of watering holes in the city, when you’re looking to:

Catch up with colleagues/Grab a drink after work

Nothing completes a long work day better than a few beers knocked back with the office folks. No one ever bonded in a meeting room, and if you want to make some lasting work friendships – we suggest you check these places out:










Go on a date

It may be believed that only two crucial aspects can make or break the chances of a good date; one being the absence of a sense of humour and the other being more important – the venue for a good first {or even subsequent} date. If you’re stressing over where to enjoy a lovely dinner, head to:




              Where | T 302, 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. 


Sing your guts out

Who doesn’t love croaking to “I Love Rock & Roll” or “Born to Be Wild”, or even “Single Ladies,” when too many beers down? We know we’ve done it, and if you haven’t experienced the unparalleled joys of public humiliation yet – we suggest the following venues:




Party like a Delhi-Star

Notice how we say ‘Delhi-star’ and not rockstar? Well, we mean no disrespect, but Delhi’s never been much of the go-out-and-dance kind of culture – we’re more the let’s-play-dress-up-and-stand-by-the-bar culture. Either way, here’s a list of some of the best Saturday night hotspots in the city to get your mojo grooving:








Catch a live act + Chill

Delhi has really woken up to the live gig scene, and how. To know more check out our guide to live act venues in the city, there’s even a pick of the venues where you can get cool privileges, only with the LBBD Membership Card {TLR/The Rose/ blueFROG, and more}.
Read More : http://members.lbbnew.wpengine.com/restaurants-cafes/


Do Anytime Chilling

Drinking requires no special occasion, beyond willingness and perhaps, good company. So, when you’re just looking to chill, check these places out:






Get drunk for cheap

One can never get enough of cheap booze, and thankfully, Delhi has several bars that cater to lighter wallets and bigger drinking capacities; whether you’re pinching pennies in college or far away from pay day, these venues won’t let you down:









Socialize and drink like a sir

Nothing screams exclusive–discretely, of course–much like chilling at “the Gym” or the ‘Pub at the Golf Club’; if polled, responses might suggest these memberships feature  in the top list of any worthy inheritance. If Thursday nights at Gymkhana, or any night at the Delhi Golf Club Terrace, excite you, and you’re not a member {yet} – grab a Green Card holder and make your way into:



Don’t drink and drive, Delhi. Get a chauffeur to drive you in your own car to the venue and back on Home Safe India {011-41051010}. 

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