#LBBBestOf: Butter Chicken In The City

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Gulati Restaurant


With three variants: Shredded, diced and the tikka version, this is one of Delhi’s prime spots for butter chicken. Old is gold, indeed.

Order with: Butter naan and Paneer Makhni

Price: INR 470 {half, with bones}; INR 695 {full, with bones}; INR 480 {with chicken tikka pieces}


Another Dilli oldie, you’ll find a long waiting line outside their outlet at any given point in time. One bite of the butter chicken {rich, thick and just the right amount of curd} and you’ll see why.

Order with: Galouti Kebab {either vegetarian or mutton, depending on your taste}

Price: INR 515 {half plate}; INR 740 {full plate}

Moti Mahal

This not-so-hidden gem in Old Delhi has butter chicken that’s a culinary representation of the city’s heritage- rich and full of flavour.

Order with: Tandoori Mushroom or Kadhai Paneer


This is known for it’s delightful food at prices that won’t empty your wallet. Shikhara is consistent, economical and an old favourite for butter chicken.

Order with: Dal Shikhara

Price: INR 260 {half plate}; INR 450 {full plate}

Rajinder da Dhaba

South Delhi’s most well-known spot for butter chicken, their preparation is rich, spicy and best of all, efficient.

Order with: Galouti Roll

Mughal Mahal

Creamy with a hint of sweetness {as is traditional}, Mughal Mahal keeps it simple and delicious and a tad different from any other butter chicken you’ve had. How? You’ll have to find out yourself.

Order with: Khasta Roti and paneer tikka

Price: INR 754 {half plate}; INR 1,057 {full plate}

Kake Da Hotel

Practically a hole in the wall, Kake Da Hotel has been around since 1931, serving classic Mughlai fare. Their butter chicken has been consistent {rich and delicious} all through.

Order with: Shahi Paneer

Price: INR 190 {by the plate}; INR 330 {half plate}; INR 560 {full plate}

Pind Balluchi

Pind Balluchi offers up authentic, rich butter chicken in massive quantities, which is best shared with your family and friends. Community eating at its best.

Order with: Mushroom Kurkure

Where: Find your nearest outlet here.

Price: INR 275 {half plate}; INR 399 {full plate}


Practically world-famous, Karim’s butter chicken is sinfully flavourful, slightly spicy and will leave you satiated beyond belief.

Order with: Butter naan and Mutton Burra

Price: INR 335 {half plate}; INR 670 {full plate}

Aslam Chicken Corner

While this isn’t your traditional thick orange gravy with tender chicken pieces, Aslam has earned its place on this list. Their butter chicken comes with a twist- that it’s soaked in butter gravy once it’s roasted over coal. Sinful but delish? Oh, you bet.

Order with: Moong Pulao

Mini Mughal

Another South Delhi offering, the butter chicken at Mini Mughal has proven itself worth the hype time and again. Well-cooked pieces of chicken in a perfectly spiced {with just the right amount of sweet} butter laced gravy. We can’t get enough.

Order with: Mirchi roti {for the spice enthusiast}; Butter naan {double trouble}


North Dilliwaalas flock to Invitation every time they want to get their fill of butter chicken, and there’s a good reason why. It’s consistently delicious and the portions, generous. We’d make a trip for it.

Other with: Dal Makhani

Price: INR 410 {half plate}; INR 700 {full plate}