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Ladies, Your Guide To Staying Cool & Breezy In Denim Shorts This Summer

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It's finally time to put away your thick stockings and jammies and get into an easy pair of denim shorts. Yep, it's getting hot in here. While denim shorts have their own shortcomings (namely how your thighs will always end up sticking to the chair 'cause of direct contact), nothing's easier to throw on than denim shorts and a t-shirt, especially when all the cool girls make it look so effortless (namely Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Beyonce at Coachella, duh!) 

So women, if you've been searching for the perfect pair of denim shorts online, chill out 'cause I've got 5 of them you can get RN before March turns into April and you're melting in your favourite jeans.

Ripped Patch Detail Denim Shorts

Ripped Patch Detail Denim Shorts


Okay, yeah, if you wore these to a family gathering, you'll probably have 6 different older relatives ask why you're wearing torn clothes and why you can't buy a new pair but I don't think you'll care when you'll look so cool. The rip isn't super crazy that it could get sort of explicit and they won't end up ripping even more that you'll feel stupid. Basically, just get these failsafe denim shorts. 

PS: You'll need white sneakers with these. Just trust me. Check 'em out here.

Blue Denim Washed Shorts

Women Blue Denim Washed Shorts


Raise your hand if you're either a messy eater or just forget to look where you're sitting. Don't be embarrassed, I'm right there with you so I love dark wash denims for days when I'm going to be out or doing a DIY art project where I'm bound to end up with paint all over my clothes. The rolled-up hem also adds a little dimension to these denim shorts which I love.

Roll Up Hem Detail Denim Shorts

Women Roll Up Hem Detail Denim Shorts


Another dark wash pair, I love the rolled-up hem detailing of this one for days when I want to go for a slightly cleaner look than what raw edges or ripped hems give off. These denim shorts are really the most basic yet lasting pair you'll get, and I bet your mom would be able to dig up pictures from your childhood of you in those exact same shorts, just 15 years younger (and with a bad haircut, sorry.)

Slim High Denim Shorts


The day high waisted lowers go out of style is the day I'll stop leaving my house, and I'm not even being dramatic. These shorts are just the right ones for when you literally want to throw anything on but still look cute. They're just between the super baggy and super fitted denim shorts so you could wear them with a white shirt, t-shirt or even a cute baggy sweater in transitional months.

501 Shorts



You can't really talk about denim brands without mentioning Levi's so I had to find a pair for you guys. But I didn't just find some regular old denim shorts online, I found these super cool cut-offs with a two-tone denim effect that you could wear to lunch, a music festival or just to flex on Instagram, they're that chill.

PS: These would look best with a white t-shirt. Check out some awesome tees here.


If that wasn't nearly enough denim for you, check out more denim brands like Levi's and build your denim arsenal even further.