These 10 Tried-And-Tested Dieticians Will Help You Take Charge Of Your Health


    There are those who need dieticians after a vacation, or a heavy wedding season, and then there are those who have their nutritionists on speed dial – the perennial indulgers. And so, we've come up with a tried-and-tested list of dieticians in Delhi that you can also have on your speed dial.

    Dr. Karun Makhija

    Dr. Karun Makhija's Clinic

    Greater Kailash - 2, Delhi

    Also known as the ‘Miracle man,’ he is one of the most reputed dieticians in Delhi. We know so many people who swear by him. Quantity control and satisfying cravings (so as to prevent over-indulgence) are key in his food plans that work in every sense of the word. Most of the lazy lot might love the fact that he doesn’t insist on exercise.

    Fee: INR 2,500 per session

    Clinic closed on: Tuesday

    Priyanka Jaiswal

    Looking to switch to a healthier lifestyle? Look no further as Priyanka Jaiswal is here to help you achieve your fitness goals and hit your ideal weight with her practical diet plans that keep you on track with ease. Keeping in mind your routine, habits and taste, she curates diet charts that you can actually adhere to. No need to starve yourself or buy fancy products that cost a bomb. Healthy recipes and homely food are the way Priyanka helps you stay fit. She also curates a range of simple wholesome diets for those with medical conditions or chronic disease. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to know more.

    Fee: The prices vary depending on health conditions (heart problems, diabetes etc) but the standard monthly charges are INR 1200 per month.

    For Appointments: Book here or Call at +91 9311207203

    Dietitian Himanshu Rai

    Think You

    Defence Colony, Delhi

    Himanshu Rai’s diet plans are tailored to your body’s exact nutritional needs. His diet plans are simple, delicious and based on simple nutritious kitchen ingredients. Your meal plan will include dishes like Palak Paneer, Chicken Curry, Parathas, Shakes, Rosogolla, Halva, Fried Rice, Idli and much more. The best part -- your favourite meals will still be a part of your diet plan just in a scientific and effective manner. In his 14 years of experience in the field of diet therapy he has worked with several international nutrition brands such as GNC, Pure Protein, Nature’s Bounty and more. Check out their Instagram and Facebook page for more health-related tips! 

    Fee: INR 4,000 per month 

    You can book your appointment on his website

    You can also contact the customer care number, 07701858552

    Sakshi Dhingra

    Sakshi Dhingra only includes products that are readily available in the local markets. Herbs like cinnamon, cloves, fruits and vegetables like apple, broccoli, spinach and papaya, and also quinoa and double-toned milk are a part of Sakshi’s diet plans. She runs a clinic in Gurgaon called Shape Up and has had an average weight loss result of 4 kg per month.

    Fee: 3,500 per month

    Available for consultation on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; 11 am – 12 pm

    Ishi Khosla

    Dr. Ishi Khosla

    Panchsheel Park, Delhi

    Whole Foods, which has been started by this lady is all about healthy living. She generally meets clients once a week, and asks you to maintain a food diary through the week, which she then assesses at the next meeting. She has also started an online weight management portal – The Weight Monitor, so her services are available to anyone who can’t get a one-on-one appointment or doesn’t have the time to meet with her personally.

    Fee: The prices vary depending on health conditions (heart problems, diabetes etc) but the standard monthly charges are INR 15,000.

    Available on all days except Thursdays & Sundays

    Kavita Devgan

    Kavita Devgan

    Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi

    She provides weekly consultations at her clinic and also reviews your progress after each week to ensure that you’re always on track. We recommend her because she’s patient, highly approachable (yes, on WhatsApp too!) and tries to work things around your schedule. She also writes for leading dailies like HT, The Hindu, DNA, Mint, has published a book endorsed by Kalki Koechlin and released her second book too in 2018.

    Fee: INR 6,000 per month

    Available for appointments only on Wednesdays and Saturdays

    Ankita Gupta Sehgal

    Another well-known dietician in Delhi is Ankita Gupta Sehgal. She is based in Mansarover Garden, West Delhi. She provides personalized nutritional counseling and believes in providing simple and easy diets to her clients, right out of their kitchen. She believes in adapting her plans to the different personalities of her clients. 

    Fee: INR 2,500 per month

    You can book appointments with her online as well

    Nidhi Sawhney

    Nidhi Sawhney started NUTRI advice, a Weight Loss & Weight Gain Clinic in Delhi for offering diet management practices. She preaches one should always maintain a good physique. Also, she has specific plans catering to people going through depression/anxiety, heart health problems, lifestyle management, PCOS, or obesity.

    Fee: INR 4,000

    Again, you can book an appointment at any time on their website

    Tapasya R Mundhra

    Tapasya Mundhra

    Nizammudin, Delhi

    Encouraging a way of life and not a diet plan, she literally looks after your entire body and well-being. She’ll keep a track on your meals at all hours of the day, and make you drink some rather unfamiliar concoctions, but the food is simple, wholesome, and she just seems to get what the body needs. 

    Fee: Starting at INR 9,000 for monthly packages

    Clinic closed on: Sunday

    Dr Anjali Huda

    Dr. Anjali Hooda

    Greater Kailash - 2, Delhi

    She provides easy to follow personalised programs at her clinic in GK 2. She prescribes a simple, home food diet with options for meals, which are easy to follow and don’t leave you starving or craving for more food. But she does stress on regular exercise in order to optimise the benefits of the plan.

    Fee: INR 7,500 (single consultation fee) and INR 12,000 (one-month package)

    Clinic closed on: Sunday and open till 2pm on Saturday


    Maintaining a healthy life is not just about finding the right dietician, but also about the right places you go to eat or order food from. Check out this list which is the ultimate health and fitness guide for all the Delhiites. Talking about eating healthy, Shop for healthy snacks right here on LBB.