Nuts About Doughnuts? We've Picked The Best Places For Your Sweet Cravings


    Fresh cream, melting chocolate, mango topping, sugar drizzle and more, doughnuts come in so many divine flavours and we love how this sweet thing just melts right away as you take the first bite. Oh, and how much we love the ones that have a center filled with chocolate (we think, we are ordering one right away!).

    We know everyone has a favourite doughnut place but, if are you looking for new options, we've picked out some of the best places for you.

    Nor-Yak Cafe

    Nor Yak

    Majnu Ka Tila, Delhi

    While you must have visited Majnu Ka Tila a lot of times, you might have just missed this cafe. So, when you plan to go there next and once you are done binging on Thukpa and La-phing, make sure to drop by this place and check out their doughnuts. We personally love their sugar-drizzled ones!

    Rainbow bakers

    Located in SDA Market and Safdarjung, this bakery is quite famous for its cakes and eclairs. But, we recommend that you opt for the doughnuts as those surely should not be missed. We particularly love their chocolate ones; and the best part is, they are pocket-friendly too!

    SIbang Bakery

    Sibang Bakery

    Sector 53, Gurgaon

    Located in Gurgaon, this cute, Japanese bakery offers so many yummy options. We were skeptical at first when we decided to order doughnuts from Sibang but, friends, we made a good decision and we couldn't be any happier!

    Mon Delice

    Mon Delice

    Sector 50, Gurgaon

    Also located in Gurgaon, this place is basically famous for customised cakes but what we suggest is, try their doughnuts. They are yummy (we are serious). Also, if you have some space in your tummy after you are done with doughnuts, maybe try their cakesicles too?

    Ka Eclairs & Kafe

    Apart from the really pretty decor the place has to offer, we are also in love with their doughnuts. You should also try this Noida bakery's eclairs!

    Shaivin's - Donuts & Cafe

    Shaivin's is a perfect place if you want to try out doughnuts in different flavours. Their dough completely melts in your mouth and everything is yummy and pocket-friendly too. We absolutely love their Double Chocolate Eclairs. They deliver too!

    But, we aren't sure if getting doughnuts delivered is a good option so, make sure to visit their outlet in Gurgaon for a good time.

    Mad Over Donuts

    Mad Over Donuts

    Lajpat Nagar - 2, Delhi

    Okay, so we guess, when we talk about doughnuts, we cannot really ignore Mad Over Donuts. With multiple outlets across Delhi, they have the softest dough and also the yummiest. They're currently offering mango-filled donuts which you should definitely try because hey, it's mango season.

    Just in case, you are someone who hasn't been to M.O.D (which we highly doubt), do try their Double Trouble Donut or Choco Bomb.



    Connaught Place, Delhi

    And obviously, we can't forget this. When you are too confused thinking where to go, this iconic bakery will be your saviour. Why? Because it's affordable, yummy, and centrally located. So, go, go, go.

    Puri Bakers

    Puri Bakers

    Paschim Vihar, Delhi

    Located in Paschim Vihar, you should definitely head to this bakery if you are a fan of chocolate doughnuts because these ones are the best there. Their cakes are good too! So, maybe try one of those too once you are there?

    Maxim's Pastry Shop

    Maxim's Bakers

    Kailash Colony, Delhi

    If you are around Kailash Colony (or don't mind visiting), then you should definitely try Maxim's Pastry Shop. We love their cakes and now, their doughnuts too. They do not have a lot of flavours but we guess, that doesn't matter because whatever options they do have are truly delicious.