Pedal To The Metal: Learn How To Go 0–60 With These Driving Schools In Delhi

    We think it’s time you stop depending on your buddies to take you places, stop being the DJ in the car for once (although a much-coveted position), and learn to take the wheel. These driving schools in Delhi are highly-rated and are bound to give you the expertise in taking on Delhi traffic and coming out victorious.

    Maruti Driving School

    This driving school is handled by Maruti and they hold up their name and quality in their driving lessons. They take students through theory classes, practical classes, and simulation classes to root in the basics of driving. They’re spread out all over the map in places like Rohini, Dwarka, Sheikh Sarai, GK II, Peeragarhi and more.

    Where: You can check out their centre locator and find the contact details of the nearest one.

    Price: On request

    Institute Of Driving And Traffic Research

    Institute of Driving and Traffic Research is a government facility focused on teaching newbies how to drive responsibly in a matter of days. You can enroll in their everything-you-need-to-know course to learn how to drive your dream car (or your old Fiat?).

    Price: On request 

    New Nanda Motor Driving School

    One of the most trusted driving schools, this place will have you revving your engines in no time. Mr. Santosh, the head trainer, is appreciated for his skill and experience by many. They have informative and interactive courses you can undertake. They offer a basic eight-day course and an advanced 15-day course. You can choose your one hour slots any time between 6am to 8pm (Monday to Saturday).

    Price: Starting at INR 2,500 (eight-day course)

    Yadav Motor Driving College

    This place has reasonably priced courses, efficient learning techniques, and confidence building driving lessons. They’ll have you enjoying all the joys of driving in no time.

    Price: INR 2,500 for 15 days (30 minutes per day)

    Katyani Training School

    Beginners, run over here (because you can’t drive, yet) for a crash course in driving. The professionals here will patiently teach you how to drive in their own systematic way, fixing all your errors along the way, until you become a responsible road lover.

    Price: INR 2,300 for 10 days (one hour a day)

    Vandana Motor Driving Training School

    Although the function only in Indirapuram, we've heard raving reviews about their quality service and patient teaching skills. Guess we'll see you on the road, soon? 

    Price: INR 3,000 for 15 days (10km/day)

    Satnam Motors Driving School

    With clean cars in good conditions, helpful teachers with experience, and seven days a week classes, this driving school is all set up to turn you into a driving pro (NASCAR dreams intensify).

    Price: INR 2,200 for seven days (one hour daily)