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Graphic Tee Or Statement Jewellery: 8 Ideal Gifts To Give An Extrovert

    To please an extrovert is easy (speaking as one), the smallest of things make them leap with joy and shout from the mountain tops - but you could do with specific gifts that appeal to their loud, vivacious personality. So voila! Here's a list of gifts specially curated to help enable all the quirks of an extrovert. We've also got a good mix of cross-category products, which means we've covered all bases for your social butterfly. Happy shopping and gifting! Extroverts, you can buy these for yourself or send this list to your gang to drop hints, but make sure to bookmark first. 

    PS. The products on this list start INR 699 only. Use your LBB perks to get additional discounts.

    Earrings To Be Loud & Proud

    Hamsa Green Earrings

    Hamsa Green Earrings


    Extroverts are undoubtedly the life of the party and are always in charge. They like to accessorise that way too. Big and bold, enough for everyone to take notice and send compliments their way. Like this stunning pair of Hamsa Hand Green Earrings from Gonecase. An extrovert will beam at the sight of these and proceed to wear and never take them off, these are after all as multifaceted as them - made using wood, thread, mirror and ghunghroo! The Hamsa Hand is also a symbol of protection, how sweet and thoughtful is that for a gift?

    Price: INR 899

    Tee To Vibe & Thrive In

    Women Vibin & Thrivin Graphic T-Shirt

    Women Vibin & Thrivin Graphic T-Shirt


    Basically, a mood that describes the outgoing extrovert best is this "Vibin & Thrivin" Graphic T-Shirt from Alaya By Stage3. Not like your extrovert BFF needs a conversation starter, but by wearing this tee they show off their presence looking classy and sassy. Besides, to help an extrovert make others comfortable, they need to be comfortable (clothing wise, they were born comfortable, otherwise) and so the loose/relaxed fit and 100% Cotton of this tee wins big. We'd imagine them wearing and rocking this at every party, so go surprise them, already!

    Price: INR 699

    Cheese Board To Play Perfect Host

    Round Cheese Board With Knives

    Round Cheese Board With Knives


    The first to volunteer if they hear house parties or get-togethers, and why not? The extrovert's home energy is as contagious as theirs. We only want you to help them play the part of the perfect host or hostess with this glorious Cheese Board with Knives set from Manor House. Armed with this, extroverts won't just feel confident but fancy (this cheese board is made of high-quality mango wood and iron knives) too. 

    Price: INR 3535

    Beer Mugs To Sip In Good Times

    Handmade 5" Navhara Beer Mug (Set of 2)

    Handmade 5" Navhara Beer Mug (Set of 2)


    Nothing like some beer to kick the extrovert's craziness into overdrive! So, let them do it in style as they hold on to this handmade Navhara Beer Mug. Unlike regular beer mugs, this is unique (its ceramic, handmade, dishwasher and microwave-friendly and has pretty shiny glaze) just like your buddy! Its mason jar design, glossy colour, and size are only a few of the many things an extrovert is going to appreciate. Most of all, it will be the sentiment behind it. 

    Price: INR 1,439

    Coasters To Keep Things Tidy & Real

    Apoyo Coasters Set of 3

    Apoyo Coasters Set of 3


    All the rock and roll aside, extroverts like to keep things real and clean. So while they host that party like they very fondly planned, help them tidy up with a set of coasters. Not any ol' "blah" set of coasters though, we only recommend this set of Apoyo Coasters from Over A Pint Of Beer. These look super edgy, thanks to the abstract faces design and boast about as much character as your extrovert pal. Apoyo also means to support, how apt! 

    Price: INR 900

    Sleeping Mask To Catch On Some Zzz's

    Marine Overnight Sleeping Mask - Marine Algae, Encapsulated Retinol (50gm)

    Marine Overnight Sleeping Mask - Marine Algae, Encapsulated Retinol (50gm)


    Hard to get an extrovert to sit back, relax and recharge - but self-care and rejuvenation is birthright. An extrovert simply must be forced into it! Do that and remind them to get some quality rest with Marine Overnight Sleeping Mask from Tvakh. It has marine algae and retinol that helps hydrate, heal and repair all while an extrovert does the almost impossible - sleep.

    Price: INR 799

    Aromatherapy To Relax On-The-Go

    Owl Aromatherapy Set - Relax (Burner, Essential Oil & Tealight)

    Owl Aromatherapy Set - Relax (Burner, Essential Oil & Tealight)


    Aptly called 'Relax', this Owl Aromatherapy Set from The Maeva Store will help the extrovert in your life slow down and sniff in the goodness. It comes with a burner, tealight, and essential oil that smells of cedarwood, lavandin, and lavender aka instant relaxation. The cute little owl tealight holder (that is also handmade) will also serve as a constant "unwind" reminder your extrovert buddy oh-so needs.

    Price: INR 1,099

    Coffee To Keep Them Going

    Combo Pack of 3 - Irish Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate & Creme Caramel Flavoured Coffee- 50gm each

    Combo Pack of 3 - Irish Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate & Creme Caramel Flavoured Coffee- 50gm each


    While we want our favourite extroverts to rest up, we enjoy them most in their natural form - hyper and engaging! To help them stay sane and stay charged to keep the madness alive, they need to be given coffee and only best kind of coffee. So, we're saying gift them this set of Rage Instant Flavoured Coffee in flavours of Irish Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate & Creme Caramel. This brand's coffee also has natural extracts to help boost energy, question is, why hasn't your extrovert BFF been introduced yet?

    Price: INR 1,047


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