Sip Your Way To Glory: 20 Types Of Hot Chocolate To Try At These Places


    Salted or spicy, spiked or sober, with or without nutmeg and cinnamon; there’s a good chance a good cuppa hot chocolate will always hit the spot. And, while you were busy refreshing your winter wardrobe, we’d been drinking our way through the hot chocolate in the city. We list down our favourites spots to grab the best kinds of hot chocolates for you.

    Note: While most of these cafes and restaurants offer takeaways and deliveries if you do plan on stepping out, make sure you do so while taking all safety precautions. Practice social distancing and wear masks at all times before heading out. Stay safe. 

    The Coffee Bond

    Coffee Bond

    Uday Park, Delhi

    This little cafe in Uday Park dishes out some great coffee and delish hot chocolate. They use Mason & Co chocolate for your cuppa and offer a bunch of yummy flavours like bittersweet, peanut butter, granola nut and the classic Bond option. 

    Price: Starting at INR 190


    The crew behind Elma’s makes its own marshmallows, and you know a hot chocolate is extra special when you get delicious marshmallows on top of it.

    Price: INR 300 

    Choko La

    Choko La

    Available on LBB

    A cafe devoted to all things chocolate, Choko La has variety, with everything from dark chocolate to hazelnut with the added option of marshmallows. If you’re a dark-chocolate-bordering-on-bitter-fan, we recommend their 70% cocoa hot chocolate. And you can choose different flavours like classic milk hot chocolate, hazelnut or coffee hot chocolate.

    Price: Starting at INR 450 upwards 



    Sector 41, Noida

    Theo’s Signature Hot Chocolate is made from chocolate and truffles, with the added option of adding coffee in case you’re also looking for a caffeine kick. Pure Belgian to Hazlenut, their coffee chocolate blends are sinful. 

    Price: Starting at INR 210



    Khan Market, Delhi

    If you're not a fan of their Pumpkin Spiced Latte, get your hands on the Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate topped with frothy whipped cream and chocolate powder.

    Price: Starting at INR 190 (Short)

    Cafe Turtle

    Cafe Turtle

    Nizammudin, Delhi

    They keep it traditional with chocolate syrup, chocolate powder and milk, Cafe Turtle is ever so charming. Nothing like going back to the basics if you ask us, especially if a book from their sister, Full Circle, is joining you.

    Price: INR 225

    Coast Cafe

    Coast Cafe

    Hauz Khas, Delhi

    Coast does a mean hot chocolate that's a little heavy on cinnamon. It also contains sea salt and some Belgian chocolate.

    Price: Starting at INR 150

    Madison & Pike

    Madison & Pike

    Sector 50, Gurgaon

    This delightful American-style bakeshop makes us warm and fuzzy, without even trying; the hot chocolate makes us fall even more in love. 

    Price: Starting at INR 150

    Di Ghent Cafe

    Di Ghent Cafe

    DLF Phase - 4, Gurgaon

    The words ‘Belgian’ and ‘chocolate’ are used together so often that one could almost forget what a powerful force they are when combined. This European-style Gurgaon café does all things chocolate really well, not in the least of which is the hot chocolate.

    Price: Starting at INR 290

    Roots - Café In The Park

    Their chocolate may not be high-brow, and maybe the hot chocolate does taste like a home production from a time when we didn’t know better, but hey, we were never ones to forget our roots.

    Price: INR 170 (Nutella Hot Chocolate).

    Music & Mountains Cafe—Hillside Cafe

    Music & Mountains Cafe

    Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi

    Our beloved Music & Mountains Cafe (previously known as Sakley's) has us feeling cosy every time we step in; from the woody decor to the dim lights and the fireplace, it’s like a snug home in the hills. Add the Home-Made Dark Hot Chocolate with cinnamon and a good book to that, and you’re all sorted for a beautiful evening.

    Price: Starting at INR 285

    Coffee Home

    Coffee Home

    Connaught Place, Delhi

    For when you want to go back to basics (sans the nutmeg, cinnamon and spice), head to Coffee Home. They just use Nescoffee powder and milk, and, surely, something else they’re not telling us because it tastes so damn good. 

    Price: Starting at INR 50



    Chhattarpur, Delhi

    Not sure how any of us could go to a chocolate factory + cafe and expect anything less than an incredibly rich hot chocolate. They have a few variants, starting with milk chocolate based hot chocolate and it keeps getting darker. We recommend the Campfire Hot Chocolate with toasted marshmallows that melt into the hot chocolate.

    Price: Starting at INR 210

    Caara at Ogaan

    Caara At Ogaan

    Available Online

    Caara is one of our favourite, quaint places in the city. Their breakfast menu is nothing short of stunning and teamed with a cup of hot chocolate, it screams winter. Their hot chocolate is delicious, with marshmallows on top!

    Price: Starting at INR 250

    Chocolateria San Churro

    Chocolateria San Churro

    Greater Kailash - 2, Delhi

    Chocolateria San Churro does the perfect, thick, and chocolate-y hot chocolate. While they have a lot of options for those who like their hot chocolate fancy and spicy, but their classic dark hot chocolate is perfect for those looking for a warm and simple fix.

    Price: Starting at INR 195

    Ama Cafe

    AMA Cafe

    Majnu Ka Tila, Delhi

    North campus favourite, Ama cafe is famous for its coffee blends and tea options. But their simple hot chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to their fluffy pancakes on a cold, winter morning.

    Price: INR 160

    Too Mikki Tapas

    One of our favourite spots in the city to chill during the winter months, Too Mikki Tapas is easily one of the best when it comes to hot coffee and tea options. Their hot chocolate is killer, and one of the best we've had.

    Price: INR 215

    The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

    CBTL not only does great coffee, but their hot chocolate is really good, too. They have enough options from dark hot chocolates to milk and vanilla flavoured ones.

    Price: Starting at INR 210

    Cafe Tesu

    Cafe Tesu

    Adchini, Delhi

    Ten points for the snug ambience and the wonderful menu that Cafe Tesu has. Not a lot of different kinds of hot chocolates but again, we're good to go with the classics. 

    Price: INR 195  

    Cafe Dori

    Cafe Dori

    Chhattarpur, Delhi

    Enjoy their classic hot chocolate with marshmallow on top, along with your furry mate, surrounded by elegant looking leather products - sounds good, doesn't it?

    Price: INR 274


    If you've tried every hot chocolate on this list or just feel too lazy to go out, order in these delicious hot chocolate blends you can whip up at home. Don't forget to grab some Instagram-worthy mugs, too, so you can share the marshmallow glory on your story. And because you can't really have hot chocolate without a dessert to go with it, check out these baking pre-mixes that are as easy to make as the hot chocolate.

    P.S., the video at The Mad Tea Pot was shot during the pre-covid times. The Wishing Chair's physical store and The Mad Tea Pot cafe in Shahpur Jat are permanently shut down because of the pandemic.