Salted or spicy, spiked or sober, with or without nutmeg and cinnamon; there’s a good chance a good cuppa hot chocolate will always hit the spot. And while you’ve been busy refreshing your winter wardrobe, we’ve been drinking our way through the hot chocolates in the city. We list down our favourites for you.

Coffee Home

For when you want to go back to basics sans the nutmeg, cinnamon and spice, head to Coffee Home. They just use Nescoffee powder and milk, and, surely, something else they’re not telling us, because it tastes so damn good. 

The Coffee Bond

Photo: Navni Kumar/LBB

Photo: Navni Kumar/LBB

This little cafe in Uday Park dishes out some great coffee and delish hot chocolate. They use Mason & Co chocolate for your cuppa and offer a bunch of yummy flavours like coconut, peppermint and, our favourite, chilli; a perfect pairing with a chilly evening.


The crew behind Elma’s makes its own marshmallows, and you know a hot chocolate is extra special when you get delicious marshmallows on top of it.

Choko La

Photo source: Choko La

Photo source: Choko La

A cafe devoted to all things chocolate, Choko La has variety, with everything from dark chocolate to milk chocolate with the added option of marshmallows. If you’re a dark-chocolate-bordering-on-bitter-fan, we recommend their 70% cocoa hot chocolate. And you can choose different flavours like vanilla, cinnamon, hazelnut and coffee.


Theo’s Signature Hot Chocolate is made from chocolate and truffles, with the added option of adding coffee in case you’re also looking for a caffeine kick.


Photo source: Calgary Reviews via Flickr[CC BY 2.0]

Photo source: Calgary Reviews via Flickr[CC BY 2.0]

We’re still waiting for the Pumpkin Spiced Latte in India but while that may not be on the cards, you can get your hands on the Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate topped with frothy whipped cream.

Cafe Turtle

They keep it traditional with chocolate syrup, chocolate powder and milk. Nothing like going back to the basics if you ask us, especially if a book from their sister, Full Circle, is joining you.

Coast Cafe

Photo source: Coast Cafe at Ogaan

Photo source: Coast Cafe at Ogaan

Coast does a mean hot chocolate, though it’s super heavy on cinnamon. Added with it is sea salt and some Belgian chocolate.

Madison & Pike

This delightful American-style bake shop makes us warm and fuzzy without even trying; the hot chocolate makes us fall even more in love.

Di Ghent Cafe

Photo source: Di Ghent Cafe

Photo source: Di Ghent Cafe

The words ‘Belgian’ and ‘chocolate’ are used together so often that one could almost forget what a powerful force they are when combined. This European-style Gurgaon café does all things chocolate really well, not in the least of which is the hot chocolate.

Roots Café in the Park

The chocolate may not be high-brow, and maybe the hot chocolate does taste like a home production from a time when we didn’t know better, but hey, we were never ones to forget our roots.

San Churro

Photo source: San Churro

Photo source: San Churro

You may have to go back again and again, since they have over five different types. Our vote goes to the Classic Spanish recipe, the Classic Spanish with hot chilli and cinnamon, the mint version, and milk chocolate more traditional recipe. Okay, we liked them all.


Photo courtesy: Sakley's

Photo courtesy: Sakley’s

Sakley’s has us feeling cosy every time we step in; from the woody decor to the dim lights and the fireplace, it’s like a snug home in the hills. Add Emily’s Home-Made Hot Chocolate and a good book to that, and you’re all sorted for a beautiful evening.

The Mad Teapot

Think choco chips, milk, cinnamon powder and nutmeg, and you’ve easily got yourself one of the best hot chocolates we’ve had in the city. And since the cafe is situated inside The Wishing Chair, you can sign up for a bout of retail therapy for your quirky corners at home.

Featured photo source: Pixabay