Aditya posted on 6th July

Go On A Massive Sushi Binge At These Stellar Japanese Restaurants In Gurgaon

What if we told you that you can experience authentic Japanese cuisine without having to take a trip to the far east? If sushi and gyoza are your thing, or your taste buds crave for some spicy prawn tempura, head to these Japanese restaurants in Gurgaon.

Sushi Haus

What To Order: California Roll, Sake Sashimi



What To Order: Pork Gyoza, Temaki Zushi


What To Order:  Ninnikuma, Yuzukosho Tsukune

Kyoto Restaurant

What To Order: Prawn Tempura on Rice with Sweet Soya Sauce, Prawn Nigiri

Big Wong XL

What To Order: BW Special Crispy Fish, Butter Chilli Prawn in Oyster Sauce


What To Order: Futomaki, Ebichiri