Lasting, Bold, Smooth Or Vegan: The LBB Crew Picks Their Favourite Lipsticks


    Be it long-lasting lipsticks, or nourishing cream ones or that they've vegan, the LBB Crew has their fair share of reasons for picking their favourite lipsticks and the brands behind them. Of course, being working professionals, these have been tried, tested and approved by the ladies. So if you're stuck with picking a particular shade or brand, then this should help you pick the ideal ones. Here's our list of top long-lasting lipsticks you need to buy in 2020! 

    Let’s Coffee By Faces Canada

    Buy Chhavi's Favourite Shade Here

    Buy Chhavi's Favourite Shade Here


    Chhavi, our resident video star and social media pro, pick Let’s Coffee by Faces Canada. This one isn’t an Indian brand but she loves this one as it’s matte, dark and well, she just likes it!

    Nimbupani By Masaba x Nykaa

    Get Akshita's Favourite Nimbu Pani


    Akshita who leads the merchandising team is a pro when it comes to picking good products so you know her choice of Nimbupani from the Masaba and Nykaa collaboration will be great. The colour is perfect for day and night and it doesn't come off, she says.

    Red Model By Disguise

    Buy The Red Model Now


    Dikshita, our events and content associate loves her red lipsticks, and has picked Red Model by Disguise. Not only is it vegan, but it also glides really well for a matte lipstick, she says. Plus, Dikshit, it stays long enough and the packaging is great.

    Jinks 004 By Colorbar

    Buy Preety's Pick Here


    From the Matte Me As I Am Lipcolor collection by Colorbar, HR Head Honcho, Preety picks this as it’s long lasting, bright but not over-the-top. It’s smooth and makes it easier to wear even without a mirror, so is ideal to keep in your bag, for girls on the go. 

    Red Liberation By Maybelline New York

    Get Ahalya's Favourite


    For content lead Ahalya, Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick - 640 Red Liberation by Maybelline makes the cut. Why? “They're budget friendly, and this particular red looks bold, and luxurious, while also going with literally any outfit I wear. And works with my yellow undertone without making me look like a clown, and stays on longer than I expect without feeling cakey on my lips, and doesn't bleed.”

    Chai & Maharani From Nykaa

    Check Out Junisha's Favourite


    Junisha, who is our social media and content pro, picks the Chai & Maharani from Nykaa. Long lasting and a great day to night shade, she says is also light and doesn’t feel like she’s even wearing lipstick She also loved the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, and says is her go-to night shade. “Super smooth, and light, it's legit like applying cream. It’s also fairly long-lasting and thankfully, does not smudge.”

    Divine Praline By Sugar Cosmetics

    Buy Saniya's Pick


    Content creator Saniya says, “I've always been a red kinda girl but this mauve shade makes me feel so powerful and it compliments my skin tone well! It's also a great everyday lipstick and is smudge proof so extra points for that.” Her pick is Sugar Cosmetics, as they're a cruelty-free brand and the prices are easy on the pocket. This mini lipstick has lasted over six months now and it costs INR 500 only.

    Cathedral by Kat Von D

    Get Trisha's Vegan Favourite


    Trisha, Head of Supply Operations, says her favourite is Cathedral by Kat Von D. It is subtle and has a really good texture. It lasts for hours and the mild vanilla scent is amazing, she says!

    Ashy Red By Maybelline New York Color

    Try Sunaina's Top Fave


    For content and events lead Sunaina, the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Reds On Fire wins top stop! The 02 Ashy Red is her favourite shade because she is one of those people who thinks a great red lipstick can fix anything. “This Ashy Red shade from Maybelline is affordable, long-lasting, and glides smoothly. What I love about it is it sits well even after lunch or coffee.” Plus, the packaging is quite minimalistic!


    15 Lover By Maybelline New York

    Get Diksha's Favourite


    Trust Diksha to pick the Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick! The HR Manager at LBB is constantly on the move as says that this one really lasts long, and even withstands her coffee and snacks. The shade is bright and bold but doesn't scream for attention she says, adding that it's not quite red, nor orange not brown, but a perfect mix of all! She also loves that unlike many other liquid lipsticks, this one is not at all drying. 

    Across The Universe From Tinge By Sabrina Suhail

    Get Aakanksha's Favourite, Across The Universe

    Tinge By Sabrina Suhail is my favourite when it comes to long-lasting lipsticks. Not least of all because despite my chips, and coffee, and more coffee, it stays on for over 8-10 hours, but also because it is vegan, natural and cruelty-free. This liquid lipstick is light, and moisturising, and has a smooth matte finish. I love that these lip colour doesn't look like an overdose of paint but blends well, and easily! Oh, you can also customise your shade to suit you exactly! Read more here. And buy it on LBB! See how easy we make it for you! 

    Anika By Just Herbs

    Shalvi's Favourite Is Just Herbs

    Shalvi's Favourite Is Just Herbs


    You'll see her with eyebrows on fleek, and lipstick on point, all the time, no matter what! So, when it comes to lipsticks, trust Shalvi, who heads Brand Marketing for LBB! She highly recommend using the gorgeous Ayurvedic lipsticks by Just Herbs. She is wearing shade #3 (Anika) which is a bright pink. These lipsticks are herb enriched and made on a base of ghee and sesame oil which means your lips stay moisturised all along. The lipsticks are also chemical free, paraben free, have no film-formers, silicone or carmine and are totally safe to use."It is a blessing for someone like me who always tends to eat the lipstick!" Choose from a varied range of 16 colours - all different shades of pink, red and brown.