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Curried, Fried Or Tandoori: There's A Momo For Everyone At These 11 Spots In Gurgaon

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What is it about the humble momo that has foodies raving about it? Served with a big helping of extremely spicy, red chutney, a plate of momo always makes for a great snack. In fact, we’ve found ourselves craving these pockets of goodness ever so often, as we’re sure you have. In public interest, then, here is a list of places in Gurgaon that serve wonderful momo.

Curried, fried or grilled on a tandoor – whatever your momo preference, we have the place for you.

Shizuoka's Kitchen

They do 10 kinds of momo, including the popular tandoori and fried versions. However, we’ve heard amazing things about their Afghani-style momo, available in both chicken and vegetarian options.

#LBBTip: This one is available on their website here, even though you may not see it on their regular menu.

Sector 56 Market

As the sun sets, street food vendors set up their stalls at this market and start feeding hungry G-Towners huge helpings of chaat, jalebis and, of course, momo.

We tried the crispy fried momo at Puskar Raj and also got ourselves a plate of tandoori momo from the Aman Raj momo stall, because there’s no such thing as ‘two’ much momo.

Wangchuk's Ladakhi Kitcchen

Ladakhi Kitchen is one of Gurgaon’s most famous BYOB spots – this beautiful, outdoor restaurant is packed post 7pm. While our beer is usually bought from the theka downstairs, it would just be wrong to skip Ladakhi’s momo.

Our favourite? The Sumai momo, in pork, chicken or mutton, that is so spicy, your eyes will water – in a good way, of course.

Sector 31 Market

There’s lots of tandoori momo in the world, but we mean it when we say the stall outside Om Sweets in Sector 31 market has the best we’ve ever tried. You’ll spot the stall by way of the large crowd gathered around, eagerly waiting for a plate of perfectly char-grilled momo. You’re welcome.

Tandoori KnockOuts

We know you’ve tried tandoori momo but that’s kinda basic now – especially if you’ve had Tandoori KnockOuts’ momo. Afgani, Kali Mirch, Peri Peri and even Sriracha, the tandoori momo at this joint in Supermart I are nothing like you’ve tried before.

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Drifter's Cafe

Serving Asian food on wheels, Drifter’s Café can usually be found at the Leisure Valley parking lot. While their Chicken Dim Sum {surely we know that this is just a fancy way to say ‘momo’} is great, the veggie counterpart with corn and water chestnut is a winner.

Zasty SF

We don’t know how we feel about this, but try it out and tell us your thoughts. Zasty SF has just opened up at Baani Square and the BBQ Momo – in particular, the Butter Chicken variant – caught our fancy.

Chinese Kitchen, Sector 15

For honest-to-goodness steamed momo, without any frills and fancy dipping sauces, head to The Chinese Kitchen. They also have pan-fried momo, if you’re looking to really cheat on your diet.

Cafe Lungta

True mountain-style momo {basically ginormous and packed with flavor}, the Darjeelingey Momo at Café Lungta won us over. These are served with Dalle Khursani dip, which makes for a nice change to the usual spicy, red chutney.

Orange Chopsticks

We know there’s a certain charm to standing on the road with a plate of momo in one hand and a tiny bowl of chutney in the other, precariously eating a momo at a time, but it’s really hot outside, guys.

Be fancy and order in from Orange Chopsticks – you could get a dozen dim sum {with the more exotic prawn and lamb fillings} sitting at home, with the AC on, while you Netflix-and-veg-out.

Chinese Corner

We absolutely love Chicken Momo Chili Dry and Chinese Corner, in Vyapar Kendra, serves up some of the nicest we’ve had in Gurgaon. If you like to kick it old-school, they also have steamed and fried momo.