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The Best Netflix Original TV Shows

Raunaq posted on 22 January

Netflix CEO Reid Hoffman once said something along the lines of “Netflix needs to be HBO before HBO becomes Netflix.” He then spent a ton of cash on original programming. A lot of it is really good; you should watch them all.

Best Documentary Series: Making a Murderer

See what it’s like to be poor and accused of a crime in the US. Spoiler: It’s not worse than being poor and accused of a crime in India. But it’s close.

Best Series Based on Real Events: Narcos

After watching this you will want to grow your hair out and grow a mustache. And start a cocaine empire. Just like Pablo.

Best Comedy Series: Master of None

If you have a cousin in America they are probably somewhat like this. Except less funny. It can also serve as a cautionary tale for what might come to pass if you move to America. That experience will probably be less funny too. Also will make you realise you’re a terrible son, but will make you laugh while doing it.

Best Female Empowerment Series: Jessica Jones

I haven’t seen this myself but my girlfriend loves it. It’s about a woman with super strength or something. Pretend you watched it and loved it for crazy style points with the ladies.

Best Series Remade From a Better British Series: House of Cards

The British one was better, but watch this to see Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright act out a ridiculously dysfunctional relationship and chase mad power. Guaranteed to make you feel better about your relationship, or your parents’. The better British version is also on Netflix if you prefer your entertainment without strong female characters.

Best Series Made From a Comic Book That Spawned a Terrible Ben Affleck Movie: Daredevil

Blind lawyer with heightened senses and ninja training takes on fat bald sociopath. The actual show is a lot better than the summary. Lots of cringeworthy action.

But life wasn’t all roses for Reid and his content team.

Netflix Really Screwed This One Up: Arrested Development Season 4

Don’t watch the fourth season—it’s terrible for too many reasons. The silver lining to this shit storm of mediocrity is that they thankfully also have Seasons 1 to 3. Watch (or re-watch) those instead.