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8 Organizers For That Just-Married Friend Who's Moving Into A New Home

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So, your friend is the Monica Geller of your group, you say? They get mad at you if you don't use coasters while emptying cans of beer at their place. Their room is hella organized and there's not one element that's out of place. No loose clothes lying around, no desks cluttered with gazillion pens and receipts, no corners with a wired mess... you get what we're trying to say? Well for those very friends, we've rounded up this list of best organizers and storage solutions that will earn you some brownie points. Of course, if you are the Monica, then get your friends this so they can sort out their lives! Literally!

For Their Stationery Stash

The Stationery Organizer - Rollover For Stationary & Essentials

The Stationery Organizer - Rollover For Stationary & Essentials


Remember how Monica always kept a notepad right next to her phone? If your friend is even a tiny bit similar, get them this Rollover Stationery Organizer from IndieGood. It's made with handloom cotton and has designated space for pens, pencils, scales, bookmarks, receipts and other stationery knick-knacks that your friend can't live without. Plus, it's easy to carry and looks kinda cool too. Give it to your friend before a wedding too so she can make wedding notes!

Price: INR 1,512 

For Their Wild-Wild Thoughts

Calendar, Planner & Jotpad 2021 Combo

Calendar, Planner & Jotpad 2021 Combo


This friend is always equipped with a writing pad right next to their beds. After all, the best ideas, those million-dollar ones, strike late at night, don't they? Gift them this Jotpad along with an adorable calendar AND a planner from Carousel and watch them happily add a hundred slots for your one-on-one catch up with them. It's a complete win.

Price: INR 1,500

We're halfway through the year (WHAT) and if you still haven't bought a 2021 calendar and planner, this is your cue. 

For Their Work Desk

Bamboo Desk Baskets

Bamboo Desk Baskets


No, your friend will never turn down another storage solution for their (already) tidy work-from-home desk. Besides, this Bamboo Desk Basket from Mianzi is versatile in nature and can be used to keep on your dressers, bedside tables and other places that need some rustic flair. It's available in four colour variants namely, blue, yellow, orange and beige. Orange being my favourite, of course. 

Price: INR 1,650

For Their Make-Shift Office Desk

Office Organizer (White-Black)

Office Organizer (White-Black)


Portable organizer made out of concrete? Heck, yeah! This elegant Office Organizer by Yours Concretely has tiny little slots for business cards, pens and even phones. A chic addition to any table, this one is available in white-grey, grey, white-black-green and pink-green options. Cool, right?

Price: INR 1,299

For Their Wall Of Fame

Grid Rack

Grid Rack


Take it to another level, by sending your neat-freak-friend this Black Grid Rack from N Square Studio. This wall rack is made of metal and has an elegant golden counterpart with great finishing. Ideal for room walls, bathroom walls, or even in the kitchen, there's enough room for about six to seven items here. Oh and you're golden if they have dogs and wish to protect their valuables (like snacks) from them. 

Price: INR 2,300

For Their Laundry

Sabai Indigo Laundry Basket

Sabai Indigo Laundry Basket


Systematic to the point when segment all their clothes, even the dirty, ready-to-wash ones? Yes, this one is for that friend. A very charming handcrafted Indigo Laundry Basket, entirely made of Sabai grass. Lovely, indeed. AllThatGrass has a ton of these storage baskets and organisers that are made with only natural elements making them sustainable. An actual thoughtful gift. 

Price: INR 1,750

Talking of which, if you still have that chair full of dirty clothes, get these laundry baskets now!

For Just About Anything

Organiser Basket

Organiser Basket


This organiser basket from Kopou Homegrown Products can be used to store magazines, books, snacks, storage jars, gizmos and whatever you wish to store it with. It's made with water hyacinth which makes it all the more unique and great décor accent. 

Price: INR 785

For more on chic baskets, head here

For Their Bookshelf

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: The Japanese Art

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: The Japanese Art


Being organized, systematic and tidying up spaces is an art not many can master. So, let your friend know how terrific it is to be organized and not-so-messy at all times by sending over The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying by the famous Marie Kondo. 

Price: INR 668 (for a hardcover)


Here are some brands that are making lives so much easier just by existing... and selling killer organizers, of course. For more home organizers and storage solutions, check this out.