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4 Of The Cheesiest Dishes You'll Find In Delhi

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We aren’t disregarding the love for quattro formaggi pasta or margherita pizza {let’s be honest, they are quite spectacular}, but sometimes letting the beautiful flavours of cheese shine on their own is the best thing. We tested some smashing dishes which will get you drooling even before you see them.

Classic Gruyère Cheese Soufflé At Olive Bar & Kitchen

A light fluffy cheese soufflé turned out of the ramekin, drizzled with cheese velouté and garnished with crunchy cheese crisp is what cheese dreams are made of. Olive Bar & Kitchen serves just this but even better; accompanied by pickled parsnips and braised turnips, this well cooked soufflé has a cloud-like texture that will leave you mesmerised at the first bite.

We suggest enjoying each spoonful in peace and reminiscing in the serene, simplistic ambience. The beautiful earthiness of gruyère and richness of the soufflé is gently cut through by the pickled parsnips and braised turnips.

Burrata Cheese At Ek Bar

Fresh burrata is cheese in its purest form. Beautifully smooth and buttery, as you cut into a burrata ball to enjoy its creamy curd like texture, the richness contrasted with soft sour notes takes over {in a good way}. Ek Bar serves fresh burrata accompanied by a cherry tomato chutney, corn crisps and walnut pesto.

The sweetness from corn pairs well with fresh burrata and the pesto adds a burst of freshness. By using a savoury chutney instead of fresh cherry tomatoes, Ek Bar has put an Indian spin on this classic Italian dish and we are absolutely loving it.

Baked Brie At Public Affair

Unless you have a secret cheese cellar in the basement of your house {do tell us if you do, we’re very good at keeping secrets}, a whole wheel of cheese isn’t something you get to enjoy everyday. Brie is a mild, gooey cheese with an edible rind ideal for baking whole. Warm and oozing, it’s almost irresistible to scoop up with bread and crackers.

Public Affair serves quality brie baked to perfection where it’s just warm enough without losing it’s gooey consistency. Accompanied by balsamic figs and a sour apricot chutney, the flavours take this combination to new heights.

Formaggi Platter At Artusi Ristorante E Bar

Cheese for dolce, we bet you can’t say no to that. Cheese platters are quite common as antipasti, but if you choose the correct cheese and accompaniments, they make for stellar desserts. Artusi Ristorante E Bar is showing the city how not to limit your cheese cravings to savoury dishes by serving a collection of quality cheeses with infused pears, walnuts, dried fruits and honey.

Comprising gorgonzola, pecorino, caprino and parmigiano-reggiano it makes for a perfect ending to the meal. The intriguing flavours from these varied variety of cheeses will leave your palate amazed and pleased

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