#LBBPicks: Best Roads Around Delhi For A Monsoon Drive

Aditya posted on 25 July

We know that the very thought of driving during the Delhi monsoons makes most of us cringe, but then there is a certain joy attached to it, too {if done right}. While the ring road stretch at AIIMS might not be ideal for any kind of drive at any time, driving around a few roads around Delhi can help you love the monsoon a little more {and even impress your bae while you’re at it}.

Ridge Road

A drive around the ridge road that stretches from Dhaula Kuan to Pusa Road is the perfect way to feel as if you’re on your way to a hill station. With rocks and trees surrounding you on both sides, you can cruise your way with your windows rolled down and just enjoy the monsoon breeze. A good time for this drive is post 10.30pm, when there’s barely any traffic on the way.

Shanti Path

Beautiful embassies, flowers, lush green gardens and wide roads; this stretch promises a damn good monsoon drive. Don’t bother speeding here, since the stretch doesn’t allow high speeds {it isn’t that long either}, though you can turn up the music and maybe do your own version of carpool karaoke.

T3 Airport Road

Anyone who has seen this road knows just how great it is. You can take your car here for a quick spin any time, and even slow down to watch planes take off from the airport. You might just find a few speedsters here looking for a healthy race, though you’d do well to remember you aren’t really Dom Toretto.

Dwarka To Gurgaon

This stretch, unlike the one near Ambience Mall, is relatively more open and less crowded. Nights are great for a drive around this area, and the view of city lights behind the lush green cover make the drive even better.

Yamuna Expressway

This one is for all those who love speed and want to experience the thrill of it without being pulled over a million times. Whether it’s testing the limits of your car or just having a relaxed drive, this stretch allows it all, and with superb road quality, too.