Wine Scrubs, Chocolate Wraps and More at Spas in Noida

    If you’re a Noida resident, driving down to Delhi for every little thing can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’re looking to relax and unwind. We’ve shortlisted our list of spas in Noida to save you from unnecessary traffic and headaches. Bookmark these for the weekend!

    Blue Terra Spa

    Blue Terra Spa in Sector 18 looks at ancient Ayurveda for inspiration and combines the age-old techniques with contemporary oils and creams. They are known for their Balinese therapy and also their wine scrub. If you’re just looking for a super short treatment to get rid of fatigue, go for the foot spa.

    For more details, visit their website here.


    Located in Centrestage Mall, Bullion Spa has quite the variety of treatments, from body spas to foot reflexology, and body wraps and facials {their lemon facial and chocolate wrap stand out in particular}. All the treatments use high grade, authentic and fresh herbs, plants, essences, oils and candles sourced from reputed brands like Pevonia {USA}, Cannan {Israel} and Casmara {Spain}.

    For more details, check out their Facebook page here.

    Espace Spa

    Espace is Radisson Blu’s 24 hour fitness centre, which apart from the pool, beauty salon and gym, also includes a spa. Choose from an array of body messages, body scrubs, body wraps, manicures, pedicures, hair treatments etc. If you’re looking to enter a deep state of relaxation, go for their special Hot Aromatic Candle Massage.

    Tamaya Spa at Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort

    Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort is the perfect Sunday jam for those who want to unwind. A spa session taking care of all six senses through their well-known Pehlwan Malish Massage and Traditional Moroccan Hammam is all that you need to forget your worries. The menu offers new and exciting cleansing and hydrotherapy options that we believe will make the trip worth your while.

    Check out their website here.

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    Sky Spa By Tattva

    Ensconced in the lap of Park Plaza hotel, the Sky Spa not only offers spa treatments but also beauty services. While having the pleasurable benefits of a Jacuzzi, the salon also has formidable experience with full body massages and Body Polishing. Spend your Sunday getting a relaxing ayurvedic body massage. 

    You can find more information here. And follow them on Facebook here.


    Part of the Hyphen Club, O3 is also known as the Svastii Spa, which espouses the idea that one must love oneself. We totally recommend the same with their beauty therapies that care for your skin based on its properties. While matured skin gets the Age Smart Treatment, acne prone skin gets the Purifying Care facial. The most interesting thing on the menu seems to be the Almond Fizz that promises gentle exfoliation, but we’re sure it’s going be yummier than that.

    Leisure Spa

    Leisure Spa

    Sector 18, Noida

    The Balinese Massage here comes highly recommended. Though on the higher side in the price department, the service is impeccable. Traditional Thai Massage, also known as the Siam Heritage Massage, is a dream-come-true experience of 90 minutes. They also have bridal massages, especially for the stressed out and overworked modern bride, and that’s an idea we’re totally on board with.