7 Hand-Picked Accessories That Are Perfect For Your Coffee Table


    We spent so much time outdoors pre-lockdown that home decor wasn't ever that big a focus in our lives, but you'll notice even fashion influencers and food bloggers have started posting images of their tastefully done living spaces on Instagram that've really fuelled our decor envy. There's a table in almost every room in your home but what do you do with them? You get the perfect accent for it, duh! While traditionally you'd find books or magazines on living room tables, we've got some more modern and chic coffee table accessories you'll want to order online RN!

    Bowl Baby Bowl

    Burma Katori / Dessert Bowl (Set of 2)


    Okay, so what's the simplest yet most reached for thing on a table? A bowl (well, if there are some snacks in it, of course.) This set of 2 bowls is handcrafted and the neutral colours will ensure it goes with the colour palette of your space and what's a coffee table without some snacks? 

    But if you're trying not to snack, you could put some potpourri into the bowls so your makeshift workspace smells nice and calming all the time. 

    Runners To Add Colour

    Gulabjal Linen Table Runner


    A table runner doesn't just protect your table from dust or potential spills, it also adds a bit of colour and helps tie in the entire room's decor. It works for coffee tables, too, although this one belongs on a dining table. 

    Placemats In Place

    Dual Elementary Placemat Set of 4


    Speaking of dining tables, you're going to wanna host a ton of dinner parties once you're done accessorising your table so placemats are a must. The blush pink tones and the simple floral print look super charming and they won't detract from the amazing food you serve. 

    Coasters To Keep

    Urban Basic Concrete Coaster - Round (Set of 3)

    If it's called a coffee table, you're likely to drink coffee around it. But the worst thing ever is those ring stains that they leave so coasters should pretty much be present at all times to protect your tables. These coasters are made with concrete so they'll look good on all kinds of tables like wood, marble or glass.

    Need any more convincing to get coasters to save you from ring stains? Larry David made an entire episode out of it on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    PS: Looking for some Insta-worthy coffee mugs to put atop these coasters? Check this.

    Sweet Smelling Candles

    Scented Soy Candle - Smokey Wood - 200gm


    Candles definitely have a time and place, the time being anytime and the place being atop your tables. We love this candle because of the really classy leather-clad jar that makes it look like a proper table accessory rather than just a candle. Plus, it smells incredible!

    Need more candles in your life? Check out these scented candles.

    Napkin Holder But Make It Decor

    Napkin Holder Wooden


    You spilled your food on the table, didn't you? It's okay, we're not trying to guilt you here, we're just trying to guide you to this napkin holder that won't just make tissues super accessible but also makes a damn fine table accessory. You can keep it as a constant accessory on your coffee table and bring it over to the dining table when you're hosting. Easy.

    Statement Planter

    Metal Pineapple Criss Cross Planter


    A planter's a great way to add some green to your space and with how many stylish planters that are available now, they can also double as a statement accessory on the table. There's also no rule that you have to put a plant in this, you could use it however you wish, maybe even put stirrers and straws in it when you're serving up cocktails. No more boring old mitti ke pots, guys.

    PS: We've got some indoor plants (and matching planters) if you're ready to become a proud plant parent.


    Was that still not enough table accessories? Don't worry, we've got some more budget-friendly ones for you here.